Colorful Patterns of Crochet Espadrilles for Babies


Baby Crochet Espadrilles Collection:

“Espadrilles” is basically a French term that is used for flat, casual but sometimes high heeled shoes for men, women & kids. These shoes looks like canvas slip on shoes. Espadrilles can be made by using any color & type of stuffs.

Let’s move towards today’s collection that deals with the crochet espadrilles for babies. You can find new, unique, cute & colorful baby’s espadrilles patterns on this page. These baby’s espadrilles are made by using a wool thread that’s why these keeps your little or new born baby’s feet warm,

cozy & comfy especially in winter season. Some are designed in such a way that you can use these in winter (with socks) & also in summer (without socks). Let’s explore some outstanding & cutest patterns!

Bow Pattern Purple & Ivory Baby Espadrilles:

1 crochet espadrilles for baby

Babies always look very cute in crochet items such as crochet frocks, leg warmers, gloves, hats & footwear. By looking towards the above picture you can create a bow design crochet espadrilles or flat sandal for your baby. By using a combination of light purple & ivory color wool threads you can create it at home if you know the crocheted technique.

Ballerina Crochet Espadrilles in Grey & Yellow Colors:

2 crochet espadrilles for baby collection (9)

Check out this pattern! It looks like flat ballerina shoes. Is it? Yes of course. It is made by using grey & brown color wool fibers.

Blue & Golden Ankle Strap Baby Espadrilles:

3 crochet espadrilles for baby collection (8)

Check out this blue & golden color crochet baby espadrilles. These are crocheted very uniquely. The ankle straps idea is adding individuality in this pair.

Slip-on Canvas Pattern Crochet Espadrilles for Babies:

4 crochet espadrilles for baby collection (13)

Have a look at this white & light golden color slip-on pattern crochet footwear for babies. It is just an ideal choice for winter season.

Floral Designs Crochet Baby Footwear:

5 crochet espadrilles for baby collection (10)

You can create a floral pattern at the toe part of the baby’s pedestal. It is an ideal choice for baby girl.

Crochet Espadrilles for Baby 2015 Collection:

You can check out open toe as well as closed toe espadrilles into the following gallery. All designs are new & just right for 2015 season. You can match the color of footwear or shoes with the color of your babies outfit. You can bought unsex designs crochet espadrilles (such as the grey & brown are shown above) because these can be used for a baby boy as well as for a baby girl. Be sure about the accurate size of your baby’s footwear. Don’t buy too tight shoes. Before sleeping, don’t forget to remove this footwear from your baby’s feet.