Amazing Ideas to Get Rid Under Eye Dark Circles at Home


Dark circle home treatment:

Usually eyes tell the whole story of inner and physical status. It has their own language and defined the particular working of human soul and his physic. Charming, shiny and spotless eyes are blunt expression of health and vivacious while dull, tired and dark circled eyes define the poor story of your unhealthy lifestyle. One of most unbearable eye beauty damage is dark circle. A person can’t enjoy healthy and fresh look if he/she has dark circle.

There are lots of reasons of dark circles, deficiency of water, hemoglobin levels, insomnia, imperfect diet, prolong suffering of some disease or computer hours. All these reasons are led to dark circle which diminish your beauty and freshness. If you are finding dark circles at under your eyes then you must take some beneficial steps to remove them. In this regard here we are going to share some excellent home tops which are fantastic to get rid of dark circles.

these homemade remedies are effortless and cheap but greatly outstanding in their working. Persons who have dark circles must apply these home remedies to have fine expression of healthy and untie sin texture.

Lemon juice:

Woman with a slice of cucumber in her eye - isolated over a white background

Lemon has natural skin lightening properties and proves as matchless to remove ark circles. Take some lemon juice and a cotton ball. Dip cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it upon the effected part of skin. Let the whole eye cover and repeat this remedy once a day. You can also mix lemon juice with cucumber juice with equal quantity and apply upon your eyes to find excellent consequences.


Woman Holding Cucumber Slices over Eyes

Take a fresh cucumber and turn it into slices. Let these slices chill in refrigerator then put them art your eyes one by one. Cucumber has natural skin lightening effect that helps in diminishing of dark circle. To get quick consequence, repeat this remedy twice a day and find healthy eye expression in few days.

Rose water:

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Among the skin’ friends ingredients, rose water has great prominence. It not only best care for skin but also best for eye problems, just sock a cotton ball in rose water and apply it on your eyes. Let it dry for 15 to 2 minutes and then rinse your face for best results repeat this remedy twice a day and get healthy texture of dark circle free eye.

Almond oil:

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Almond oil is rich natural ingredient for most of skin problems. It is best to have fine texture of smooth and healthy skin and also great for removal of dark circle. Before going to bed, massage your eyes with pure almond oil. Cover your whole eye with almond eye and gently massage it, let it dry for whole night and next morning wash your face. Within few weeks, you will definitely get rid of dark circles.

Yoga or meditation:

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No home remedy will ever work if you are mentally stressed or upset. If you want to have best results of these hoe remedies then you have release inner discomfort and mental stress. For this yoga and meditation are best. Manage some tome for these healthy jobs and be at mental ease which will further leave you in physical ease.


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Potatoes are full of iron and are natural bleaching agent. To get rid of dark circle and other eye problems, potatoes has fine hob to perform. Grind some potatoes and have some fresh juice of it. Dip a cotton ball into potato juice and apply it on your eye properly.  Cover your eyelids and under the eye area and let this juice work for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse your face with cold water and get positive results within few days. You can also apply potato’ slices at your eye to get rid of dark circles quickly.