Beneficial Tips to Have Natural Long Lashes at Home


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Tips to have long lashes:

Eyes are mirror of soul or reflection of heart so these are must be compact and alluring. About eyes it is also said that they have their own language which is much more powerful than words, through your eyes you can grab the attention of other quite easily. All these sayings or statements are actually true when our eyes are charming, full of life and compact in expression. To sustain they beauty of eyes definitely you are rely upon some kinds of special eye makeup, lenses and use of some artificial accessories as eye lashes etc.

We all have idea that long lashes have great contribution in over all beauty of eyes. Long lashes are excellent expression of vivacious and charming eyes. To attain this beauty, mostly girls are used artificial long lashes and mascara without any try to have long lashes naturally. Through little bit effort and practices we can have natural beauty of long lashes at home. In this respect here we are sharing some excellent tips which are excellent to have long lashes naturally.

For the natural growth of eye lashes and for their fuller expression, these excellent tips are fabulously excellent. If you want to have stunning elegance of long lashes then you must try some f these easy practices to have great elegance of long lashes. Let’s discuss these excellent beauty tips which are fantastic for the natural growth of eye lashes.

Natural oils:

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For quick and healthier growth of lashes naturally, natural oils have excellent job. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil or any other one for natural growth of your eye lashes. You can apply these natural oils with help of old mascara stick every night before going to bed. Use the same technique of applying mascara to apply oil at lashes, leave it for whole night and next morning wash tour eyes with lukewarm water. In few weeks you will find excellent results of this remedy.

Aloe Vera:

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To long lash lovers, aloe Vera is also another fantastic home remedy. Aloe Vera is gull of natural nutrients and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C and E which are fabulous for most of skin treatments and beauty tips. Thorough a fresh mascara wand apply fresh gel of aloe Vera at your lashes before going to bed. You will definitely find excellent consequence of this beneficial home remedy within 1 week.

Egg mask:

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For natural strengthen and growth of eye lashes use egg mask which is excellent to have fine beauty of eye lashes. Take some drops of egg white and mix it with olive oil in equal quantity and apply this mixture at your lashes with clean brush and let it continue its process whole night and enjoy fabulous results within some days. Egg white and olive oil both are rich in their nourishing properties so their combination will greatly work for natural beauty of eye lashes.

Lemon’s peel home remedy:

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Make a fabulous paste for quick growth of eye lashes by lemon’s peel and castor oil. Lemon peel has excellent amount of vitamin A, B while castor oil is also considered matchless for most of beauty tips. Take some dried lemon peels and grind them well, add some castor oil in it and let it sit for some weeks. It will convert into fine paste; apply this paste at your eye lashes at daily bases before going to bed. Work it for whole night and next morning was your eyes with lukewarm water and find classy grace of long healthy lashes in few days.

Massage eye lid:

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Massage of eye lid is another useful trick to have long lashes. Massage improves blood flow and greatly stimulates hair growth. Apply some drops of petroleum jelly or butter, use your finger tip and massage at your eye lid in circular motion. Continue this practice for 5 to 8 minutes and repeat this remedy at daily bases to have fine long lashes naturally.