Simple Beauty Tricks For Face


Beauty is everything both from inside and outside. For that reason people try to look beautiful and appealing in front of other people as well. There are number of artificial products which can enhance out beauty but it will remain constant if you continue using these products.

A healthy skin is real sign of beauty so I think that one should focus on working for skin in natural way so that you can look beautiful even after washing you face and without makeup. Here are some of easy and amazing beauty tips which will surely work for you.

Drink about eight glass of water for perfect glow, freshness on your skin.

Eat healthy for your healthy skin. Because beauty is from inside and its inside what it counts for.

Use rose water spray on daily basis. It is also a natural moisturizer.

Use fruits mask. Don’t buy it from market. Just apply crushed fruits on your face, Whatever fruits you have in your home.

Turmeric, milk and lemon is healing mask for skin. Apply this mask thrice a week and leave it for 15 to 20 minute. Wash your face with luke warm water.

Apply sunscreen before going out I order to be protected from bad rays of sun.

For hairs, do hot oiling twice a week for better results.