Tips To Make Hairs and Nails Healthy


To have beautiful, healthy and long hairs and nails girls have to do little bit effort. Taking care of hairs and nails and with having proper diet girls can make their hairs and nails grow healthily with beautiful look.

Looking at your nails people can not only about your health but it also demonstrate how much caring and conscious you are for your presentation and looks. Many of the times girls damage their nails a lot with their biting habit and spoil all the charm of the nails.

If your nails are too much short with improper shape and with dull look it can also damage all your self-confidence. Before going toward acrylic option try to have naturally beautiful looking nails with following some rules and tips that we are going to describe below.

Same is the case with hairs that girls and women blindly apply artificial and damaging products to hairs and thus diminish all the grace. To retain the fabulous look of hairs and nails and to have healthy nails and hairs you must follow the following rules and tips:

Some rules for nails:

•    Stop biting finger nails
•    Keep your nails dry and clean
•    Do not depend on nails for opening of different things as for the opening of cans or box.
•    Keep he length medium for avoiding any kind of injury
•    Do buffing for proper shape and for giving the tips healthy look
•    Do not remove cuticles as they save you from bacteria
•    For toenails choose must wear shoes that fit your feet properly
•    To keep the hands and nails hydrated apply lotion or cuticle oil after every wash of hands

Food for thick hairs and strong nails:
Have protein:

Nails and hairs are made of Keratin and protein helps to produce keratin in body. If hairs do not have protein then you may have to see the result in the form of hair fall.

Red meat:

Red meat is beneficial for both nails and hairs. Red meat is not recommended to eat on daily base but once in a week will help to fulfill the deficiency of iron and protein. Lack of iron also causes in making the hairs thin so have protein and iron both together in one meal.


Almonds are not only a great source of protein but they are full of magnesium. Magnesium helps in maintaining the health of nails and hairs. Lack of magnesium can cause the vertical ridges of nails. Stress can also be one of the causes of hair lose and magnesium in the form of almond will work as anti-stress mineral.


If you are facing the problem of deficiency of calcium then try to increase the intake of milk. Both for calcium and vitamin D milk will prove best as vitamin d is also necessary for hairs. Vitamin d can make the loss of hair fall less.


Eggs also contain both vitamin d and calcium. Eggs are also great source of Biotin that is a B-complex vitamin and help in the development of keratin. One of the factors of thin hairs and weak nails is the deficiency of biotin so include eggs in diet and fulfill the deficiency of biotin.


Healthy scalp means healthy hairs and to nourish your scalp is very important. For moisturizing the scalps eat salmon that is full of Biotin, protein and omega3 fatty acids. Omega3 reduces the inflammation effect that is also good for nails.

Drinking a lot of water also helps in keeping the scalps moisturize and also good for your nails. Not only do the outside technique but try to have nutritional food that can help In the growth and also in making the nails and hairs healthy.