The Best Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan You Can Rely on


0. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

Well makeup is an art just to beautify and enhance the natural beauty in a more effective way. It is also said that use of makeup is for satisfying the hearts and to present an appearance on the perfection level. The world is now more energetic to run after the trends and best beauty looks so the increasing demand for makeup is natural in every society and to fulfill this need, there are several makeup products working to deal with the every skin tone and provide a large kind of makeup according to the demand of people.

Not only the ladies but the gentlemen are also in this race so unisex makeup products by different brands are making their grossing level up and up. When it talks about makeup, Pakistan has also taken move in the profusion of this trend and there are multiple brands that have made Pakistani ladies superb with their beauty tool.

Looking for past inspiration, Medora was the highly stylish and mostly used makeup brand on which the brides confide more. If you are a kid of 90s then you witnessed the compact powder, eye shadows and lipsticks of Medora put on the dressing table of your mother. However, this brand is still the reliable one yet with emerging of highly lure cosmetic brands ladies have made a go with them due to their highly acceptance and definitely the premium quality. Well take a look of the cosmetic brands that are using mostly in Pakistan.

Musarrat Misbah makeup brand:

1. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

Musarrat Misbah is the most popular beautician who took part in inventing the art of makeup at its highest, how can we forget her surgical works for the ladies who become victim of acid throwing cases. She owned for her makeup brand MM and declares as the Halal Makeup in Pakistan as her brand committed to provide the pure beauty products. MM cosmetic stands for both beauty and purity.

Atiqa Odho Cosmetics:

2. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

In 2003, for the first time the celebrity makeup brand was launched to play best role in beauty world, the Atiqa Odho makeup stands for the best national cosmetic brand that came into being just to deal the Asian skin tones perfectly. Moreover, the Odho brand is working to provide the affordable prices as they believe to look beautiful is the right of every lady.


3. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

Basically the Etude is South Korean cosmetic brand that was established in 1966, due to its international appreciation Pakistani women use most of the time. Perfumes, skin care products and makeup items are all what they have for their customers. Gel, liquid and cake liners are their best of best demanding makeup that Pakistani girls are using.

Nabila Maqsood No-Makeup:

4. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

With 30 struggling years experience the most famous and celeb make artist Nabila gave an expression to Pakistan market with introducing her No-makeup cosmetics. The awarded beautician has international level and the experience let her know about all Desi skins, so she is confirming for her own cosmetic brand which is the most popular and gorgeous one.

L’Oreal cosmetics:

5. Best cosmetic brands in pakistan

The world’s largest company L’Oreal is the highly rated brand throughout the world that is offering the complete range of beauty products to women. In Pakistan L’Oreal makeup is the most used makeup due to its quality and the dealing with every skin even with sensitivity.

More brands:

Well these were the 5 top most Pakistani cosmetic brands but there is also a list of makeup companies that are playing their beauty services nationwide.
•    Revlon
•    Mac
•    Maybelline
•    Clinique
•    Oriflamme
•    Smash box
•    Nivea
•    Avon
•    Olay
•    Neutrogena