How Bridals Can Complement Dupatta With Hairstyle


To keep dupatta in right way on your wedding is very much important as it keep the central position to your overall demeanor. The setting of dupatta should be done in such a manner that it could complement to your hairstyle and overall appearance. It should be according to the hairstyle. In Pakistan there are three days function of the wedding and bridle is supposed to look different in these three days. The bridal makes her hairstyle different from the previous day so the setting of dupatta also goes with the changes. It should be arranged in such a manner that the grace of the outfit would not demolish but it should be enhanced.

Bouncy hairs on shoulders with draped dupatta;


A bridal can adopt this hairstyle on Walima function while wearing a mang tikka at the center pin up the center of the dupatta here. Then leave the dupatta behind so as exposing the front part of your outfit. Both the dupatta and hairstyle will truly go with each other making the bridal look graceful. This hairstyle will suit the bridals having elongated face.

High bun with one-sided dupatta;


On barat bridals make complicated hairstyle like high bun with one sided messy braid and side swept bang gives a very elegant look. To match with this hairstyle arrange the dupatta lying at one shoulder and leave behind from the other side. If you desire to wear a Jhoomer then eat this Jhoomer at the side where dupatta is left behind. This style can suits to every face structure and can change the entire look of the face.

Curly hairs with one-sided dupatta;


The bridals with short forehead can make high front buns and making wavy curls of the remaining hairs. These wavy curls are liked by everyone lying at one side of the shoulder. To make your hair style prominent set the dupatta in such a way that it is pin up at the right side of shoulder taking it in U-shape and draped at the other side. This style can cover the front part of body so if a bridal does not feel comfortable with the style of leaving the dupatta behind so she can go with this style.

High bun cover with dupatta;


Side twisted messy braid with high bun is very trendy hairstyle for Walima bridal. Embellishment of the braid with beads will add charm to the beauty of the hairstyle. With this style cover the bun only with pins and set dupatta behind. This kind of hair style can also be made on Mehndi function where floral decoration will look very nice instead of beads.

Low bun with dupatta;


If you have made low bun then the best way to keep the dupatta is to leave it behind the shoulder and then wrap a small portion of it around the left or right arm. This is a very elegant style to keep and can be made on Walima function. Half forehead can be seen in this hairstyle where a mang tikka with center parted style will look very suitable.

Dupatta pinned on shoulders with braid;


One option is to make braid at one side but now do not leave the dupatta behind the shoulders but pin up the dupatta on front side of shoulders. The setting of dupatta is very difficult task for beautician but keep this thing in mind that at the end what remains in people mind how you did carry yourself. So try to adopt such hairstyle with dupatta setting in which you feel comfortable and relax.