Cute Designs of Mobile Phone Covers and Samsung Galaxy Phone Covers


Samsung: Samsung is a south Korean multinational company. Samsung discover a wide range of home electronics with cutting-edge technology including TVs, smart phones, tablets, home appliances etc.

Samsung galaxy: Samsung galaxy is a series of Android-powered mobile computing devices designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The product line includes the Galaxy S series of high-end smart phones, the Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Galaxy Note series of tablets with the added functionality of a stylus and the first version of the Galaxy Gear smart watch.

Current presentation: we are presenting you latest and cute covers for Samsung branded mobile phones and for all Samsung galaxy phone series.

Peacock mobile phone cover:

1 samsung fancy mobile case (12)

Peacock is a most colorful creature of the world. We are distributing peacock colors and style in just a mobile phone cover. The peacock on the cover of cel phone is made by using colorful beads and jeweled with crystals.

Mickey Mouse cell phone covers:

2 samsung fancy mobile case (2)

Mickey mouse is a kid favorite and sometimes elder’s favorite too. So we are presenting you nice creative Mickey Mouse mobile phone cover for those who like Mickey Mouse. This mobile cover is cute and also can be casually used.

Barbie covers for girls mobile phones:

3 samsung fancy mobile case (6)

Girls love pink and white. Barbie is considered as essence of girls beauty. Girls like to use stuff made by taking inspiration from Barbie character. So we are presenting you cute beaded pink and white mobile cover for girls made by using Barbie face. Look at its designing which is giving a royal look.