Original Flower Crown for Brides


Flower Crowns for Wedding:

Crown always used to show some power & authority. Crown can be made by using lots of things but today on this page we are going to talk about only flower crown. These crowns or headpieces are usually made by using original flowers & used by the brides & bridesmaids into the wedding function.

This tradition is very common into the western wedding. As we know that flowers always looks very delicate & fresh to the eyes that’s why when a bridal wear a flower crown on her head then she looks very beautiful like a fairy. You can get a whimsical & romantic bride look by using this hair accessory.

I think it is the high time for sharing the flower crown ideas with you because spring season is near. It is the season in which all flower blossoms with sweet fragrances. Look towards the pictures & get inspirations!

White Rose Flower Crown:

5 wedding flower crown for bride (11)

This flower wreath for head is created by using white color roses. You can prepare this crown at home. First, you need to measure your head with a thread or thin metallic wire. Then convert this wire into round shape. Now by using thread or scotch tape you can link white flowers with this wire. Your beautiful flower crown is ready to wear.

Colorful Flower Crown:

2 wedding flower crown for bride (13)

Look towards the flower headpiece! It is made by using multi color flowers that why is looking very whimsical & giving a dramatic effect.

Oversized Flower Crown:

3 wedding flower crown for bride (12)

Perfect oversized flower crown for bohemian brides! Soft, fresh, light colored & feathery buds are used into its creation. It helps you to attain a queen like look.

White Berries Flower Crown:

4 wedding flower crown for bride (15)

This delicate white berries flower crown is just an ideal choice for winter wedding! What’s your opinion about this simple yet elegant crown!

Blush Bridal Crown:

1 wedding flower crown for bride (5)

Check out this blush bride flower crown! Neutral color such as white, cream & blush are used into its creation. It is looking just perfect with one-side updo hairstyle.

Flower Headpiece for Wedding:

You can prepare the flower crown by using same color of flowers or you can go with different varieties of flowers or with different colors. Similarly, you can make a thin crown or an oversized circlet. Green herbs can also be used into the headpiece. These flower crowns can just right with one-side braid, side swept hairstyle, curly hairs, updo, & fringe hairstyles.

You can practice by using lots of colorful flowers  & sweet smelling herbs. You can buy ready-made flower crown from the flower shop but be careful, about the color of flower because it must go right with your wedding theme color. Browse some more designs by looking towards the following picture gallery!