Different Themes And Ideas for Large Birthday Cake for Kids


What could be more awaited thing in a birthday party than cake? Kids anxiously wait for birthday cutting ceremony and they would like the cake to be decorated in some interesting manner. In old days children just become happy looking at the large size of cake but now they expect you to do something new and different. With a theme the birthday cake looks attractive. You can select any theme such as cartoons, sports cars, minions or fantasies characters.

This is the first thing that grabs their attention and makes them excited. So keep your child’s interest in mind and try to make a cake on your own instead of buying by some shops. This would take your time but this activity will prove very interesting and memorable for you. So be experimented and make a large birthday cake for your child on his/her upcoming birthday.

Fantasies characters theme cake


First of all decide your theme of which design you want to make on birthday and follow it. You may go with Disney up theme and make some characters to achieve your desired goal. Fantasies stories and characters are always fascinating for the kids. You can make a princess home as the image given below. Different light colors are looking awesome. The whole cake is looking like a palace and princess are present here. This would be of great interest for the kids and for the viewers.

Large cake adorned with corns


You can apply other interesting ideas as make a cake with round shape as ball and you can make different images of animals on it. Cake in ruffle form will also look adorable. Now look at the image of cake given below. Here is a round shaped cake decorated with corns around it in a beautiful way as the corns are giving it another charm. The cake from its shape and design is looking very tempting and delicious. With cream you can write the name of the birthday kid’s name..

Sports or play game theme cake


Another theme is to make a train on the cake. This will be very eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Whatever the taste is, the presentation comes first. Your cake structure and form should appeal everyone.  A magical train or a car shaped cake will also grab everyone‘s attention. It’s a very innovative and creative technique and it will make your child very happy.

Minions’ theme cake


Here we have a large cake with rounded lower part and square upper part. Minions are standing around it. This trend is getting very popular these days and children will enjoy it. You can select colors of your own choice but these colors combination are enhancing the grace of the cake.

Make a cake for your child with great enthusiasm and excitement and you will have great result better than your expectations.