Different Wedding Cakes with Good Textured


In the western tradition in the function of wedding cake is compulsory because they cut the cake in the wedding for expressing their happiness and then cake is  served all the coming guests  because  on the day of wedding  besides  with the groom  and bride all other are very happy  because they see that two lovers are going  in the relation of  wedding and the wedding is  very good choice for boy and girl to  spend their life together .Where in the wedding ceremony the people are waiting the  bride and groom welcomed where the  people are excited to see the cak3e    because when the groom  and bride wear the rings of each other  then it is  compulsory for them to   give all the people sweet thing then there is no better way n than the cake .there are so many  cakes which   the textured is good so if you are  going to   give an order then you can select these cakes for your wedding   and get the praises from the  coming  guest .stay with us and take different ideas for the wedding cakes on your  wedding  because a cake can easily tell your status and personality    make the good and luxurious cake .

Leaves plant decorated cakes:

0. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Many brides like the gardening  and they have much love with the  flowers and the garden things so if you  like the garden things then make  the white cake according to your gown with the  colorful  flower crown  then the same color of crown can use  on the cake .White is good combination with all the bold colors  it is in round  it is up to your wish you can  make it in the shape of heart , square oval and  many designed on  cakes  can be made  on the wedding.

Ruffled cake:

1. the perfect textured wedding cakes

On the  day of wedding the ruffle gown is very much inn   because according to the ruffle  wedding dress it is the dress which is ruffled then it is   great choice for ordering the cake  that he has Matched the cake  with her  gown  and give her a surprise that cake and you are same for me both are  sweet  two layered cake  first is made in ruffle style and on the   upper part the silk style  texture is used  by the cake man with a big ruffle style flower on the cake top .

Vintage garden cake:

2. the perfect textured wedding cakes

In the vintage these styles garden were made  by the  people  three layered  plain textured cake with the  beautiful garden  flowers are looking so beautiful  and if you are inspired from the vintage wedding then  make such cake and  arranged the wedding ceremony  like vintage    era  these flowers are looking very beautiful when you lit the candles at the night wedding ceremony  the whole theme withy vintage is giving us a  marvelous effect.

Bohemian style inspired   cake:

3. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Many girls  like the boho style because they  want to spend their life  free and without any  restrictions  and the boho girls  have very stunning tan  skin then on the wedding with the gown  match your cake  because many gown are in the nude shade   so  make the butter cream wedding cake  iced butter cream vanilla and the flecks  of  cake is vanilla and ice cream  it is very smooth and  delicious and you will really  like this cake.

Rustic style cake:

4. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Many people are inspired from the rustic style they want to organized their function according to the rustic because in rustic wedding the touch of brown things are much more as just like burlap, rainbow and the other brown color flower are used in the  rustic inspired wedding ceremony  three layered white cake with the frilled flower with brown high lights  and the  brown  paint is  very soft and simple you can write the couple name on the wedding cake.

Floral elegant cake:

5. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Some people are very simple and sophisticate because it is said that white is symbolized with the white color  then take five different layered cake  bigger towards the smaller with the printed flower  and the ribbon is very  good it is something like the lacy style  it is made with too much thick  cream  it is made in the high temperature frosting  then make the bigger cak5e and enjoy the cake with the rustic decorated  knives which  should be keep  on the table.

Black and white contrasted:

6. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Black  and white   four layered cake  with the butter  cream soft textured and the dots with the  intricate design is on the cakes  the black ribbon is used for  embellishing   the  cake t is good for you on your wedding it is contrasted with the white color  the  ribbon  knot bow on the gown is sane matched with your dressing   and the crystals chained with ribbon are making your cake very  decent  and good choice .

Sparkling cake with flower:

7. the perfect textured wedding cakes

Four layered sparkling cake  with the buttered cream  cake is  very tasty and give your cake a fancy look  the use of flower in the side of the cake is giving  the cake   tasty and yummy look for the night wedding ceremony  this cake can rock because at the night the  lights and chandelier attract the  cakes   glitter with the flower pattern is  fabulous choice for the wedding  the crunchy and smooth both things  are added   in the cake.


Not eat too much  cakes because  in the sugar and  cream are added which is  not good for the health too much   proteins and fatness are  found in the cream which can cause the high blood pressure and  the throat problem  but  it is good to eat seldom  and in the wedding you should must taste the cake because it is very

8. the perfect textured wedding cakes