Make Your Cake More Delicious & Yummy With Oreo Cookies


Cake is a delicious item that is being used especially for birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and for any kid of celebration or party. There are countless flavors used in baking the cake but here we are talking about Oreo cakes.

Kids die for Oreo cookies and these are the favorite of adults also. Different flavored cakes can be baked with Oreo cookies.

Chocolate is the favorite of almost all children including girls and boys. If you are going to celebrate birthday party of your toddler, make him/her happier by baking this chocolate cake. This dark chocolate cake is looking yummy and children will love to eat it immediately,

all the layers of this cake are made with most moist cake and each layer is topped with butter cream. The chocolate cake is topped with chocolate whipped cream and garnished with Oreo cookies.

Oreo cookies are placed in the centre of the cake and topped with a specific letter making the Happy Birthday and by doing this you can write the name of your child on cookies.

For chocolate lovers, bake a full chocolate cake, top it with chocolate icing and make a cake topper with Oreo cookies, pour the chocolate onto the cookies along with confetti to make your cake beautiful and fill the walls of chocolate with chocolate chips.

If you are not in a mood to bake a cake then you can make it just by crushing the oreo cookies. Crush the cookies into bite size pieces, melt the butter and mix it with rest of cookies, put it into a pan, press it thoroughly and put in freezer for just five minutes.

Whip the cream with icing sugar and spread over the crust and place again in the freezer. Prepare the instant pudding and pour it over the cake, spread the whipped cream again on the pudding and garnish the cake with crushed cookies, sprinkle them onto the top layer and keep the cake refrigerated until it would be set.

This oreo cookies cake can be made in layers too, spread the layers of crushed cookies in a pan, top it with thick layer of whipped cream and again spread the cookies onto the cream,

do this again and make the layers according to your need and choice and garnish the top layer with cream and cookies. You can present this cake to your guests as a dessert.