Special Wedding Cake Adorned With Feathers


Everybody waits for the cutting ceremony of the wedding cake as it is the source of pleasure for everyone. Not only for the guest it is a pleasing ceremony but bride and groom also do this activity with excitement, pleasure and joy. In the past this ceremony was done with the thought that it will bring good luck to the guests and for couple as well. Now it has become just a centerpiece, a formal ceremony and also people don’t think it necessary to serve the cake to the guests.

The size of the cake can vary depend upon the budget and number of the guests. The decoration and shape of the cake often describe the personality of bride and groom. Often it is decorated with different additional ingredients like artificial flowers, ribbons, candles and feathers etc. Her we will discuss how cakes can be decorated with feathers in different ways.

A single feather with flowers;


A very yummy cake is before us and it consists of four portions. The presentation of cake holds a lot of significance as it is going to be the first impression. If the guests are in number so it will be better to make the size of the cake large so that any of the guests may not get annoyed. Cakes with the addition of flowers and leaves are looking very lovely. Then at the lower side a feather is attached that is appealing a lot.

Yellow feather for decoration of cake;


Yellow feather symbolizes cheerfulness, joy and mental alertness. Here on the cake it means a wish for the couple to live a happy life and stay in tune with on another all their life. If we look at the other side it is also looking very nice and sophisticated. Pearls and feather in combination are giving queen like look. If a groom wants to make her bridal happier he can go with this idea.

Grey large cake with small leaves;


This large cake is looking different as the color we usually see is white color. Here it is décor with small sized white color leaves that are attached with ribbon along with beads. White leaves symbolizes hope, purification and spirituality. The couple is going to bound in a relationship so this setting of cake can be considered a good omen for them. Three pound cake is in round shape and two ribbons are attached with the third portion while the second one is adorned with only one. The whole look of the cake is very tempting.

Cake decor with fondant;

Very tempting and attractive cake is before us and it is decorated with feathers made of fondant. Two of the three portions are in white color while one is given to black that is adorned with white pearls. Two feathers are on the top of the cake and the overall look of the cake is reminding us Queen Elizabeth. This cake will be a tribute to bridal from her groom and it seems to be very lovely.

Cake in crown like shape;

A crown like shape of the cake is a very unique thing to do on wedding. The whole cake is embellished with fondant made feathers. Its look is eye-catching and this will make bride feel special. White color is the color of spirituality and with the combination of leaves its means the flight of spirituality to great height. Not only the looks of the cake is nice but it is also carrying a deep message for the couple. It is to wish them have spiritual and blessed life as their couple was made in heaven.