Trendy Omber Cake Designs for Wedding Functions


Cake cutting ceremony has become an important part of wedding ceremony. Inspired by western tradition Eastern countries are also following this tradition. In wedding function cake is getting fame and new looks and designs in cakes are being introduced. Chocolate cake and cream cake are now things of the past. But omber style will make a cake look tempting and beautiful.

Designing in the different shades of the same color will give your cake mod look making it trendy and more fresh. In your wedding function must consider omber style for cake and impress every one with our classy choice. To décor your cake shades of the same colors would be enough to make that look awesome and eye-catching. Especially omber style is best for large size cake to make that look stylish and attention-grabbing. Some cakes ion omber styles are given here.

Blue color in omber style:

You can match the color of the cake with the colors all around. If you have selected any specific color as marriage theme then you can also make your cake according to the surrounding. But only one color will not look so beautiful as it will look in omber style. If you are going with blue color them then a blue color cake may not look nice to beholder so select the color in omber pattern. The blue color in different shades will make the cake stunning and striking. Two white color decoration pieces in chic style and flowers at the side are making the cake nice-looking one for the wedding function.

Pink color cake in omber style:

If you want to have a sweet and cute looking cake then pink color is best for you. Pink color will give an outstanding look and in floral pattern this color in three different shades will look amazing. On the lower part shocking pink color then pink and on the upper part baby pink color is making the cake delicious from its look while its designing in flower pattern is making it further look awe-inspiring and wedding couple would feel very happy cutting such spectacular cake.

Peach color cake in omber pattern:

This large size peach color cake is looking adorable with its design and the flowers that are to adorn its beauty. The cake is looking attractive and delicious from its look. From the ruffle style the peach color cake with different shades of the same hue is looking very delicate and this style will go perfect with your theme of marriage if it is to have a classy wedding party. Two chicks on the top are looking like a happy couple that is to give complements the newly married couple.

Turquoise color in shades for cake:

Turquoise color gives an imaginative look o the cake and for a beach wedding function and not only for that but this color shades will give very sophisticated look to the cake. This pleasant looking cake will enthrall the beholder and the guests will definitely admire its beautiful designing and look. You can place the statue of groom and bride on the top making the cake a tribute to the wedding couple. All colors almost look nice in omber style and in turquoise color it is looking fabulous with a lot of grace.

Lemonade color in omber style for cake:

For summer wedding this lemonade color with shades will make the cake trendy and edgy. For a daytime wedding party function this color in shades will give a fresh look to the cake and cake will look very trendy with its color technique and designing pattern. Two glasses on the top are not only to décor the cake but also they are looking for the couple to make them happy and feel that cake is specially for them.