Unique and different cakes with amazing topping for Valentine’s Day


Cake on happy occasion brings more sweetness to the happy occasion. It has become a trend to cut cake on happy moments in order to celebrate and not only in west but in eastern countries people are now including cakes to a happy occasion.

The Valentine day is the day of celebration of love and sweetness. On this occasion you must arrange a cake for your lover or beloved. You can give cake as present to your beloved to increase more sweetness and love in your relationship. Not only the taste but the shape and designing of the cake do matter a lot. You can express your inner feeling in the designing of cake by selecting such style of icing to décor your cake.

Make this valentine full of delight including an awesome and lovely cake in your planning of the day. Different amazing ideas to have a beautiful cake that can make your partner feel happy and special are given here:

Nice-looking cake with bear-inspired topping:

This cake is looking very nice and lovely because of the beautiful topping on it. Full image of celebration is created on cake. Springs, sticks with heart shape topping, pearls all around the cake etc. The cake is giving the look of full of celebration and merry-making. Bear inspired topping that is made of chocolate is making the cake look lovely and pleasant. This cake will bring a smile on the face of your partner when he or she will look at it. For a young and cute couple this designing of cake is perfect. With chocolate sauce you can write love on the cake.

White chocolate cake décor with biscuit:

This cake is looking very tempting with white cream that is used to make the outer layer of the cake. The designing on the side of the cake is looking awesome and topping with cookies is making the cake more yummy. Birds inspired topping will make the make special for lover. This cake is unique and will give you chance to do something different. This is giving the image of cookies pot having biscuit in it and it is very suitable for valentines that the same sweetness like cookies you also harbor in your heart.

Cake with imagery of lovers:

This cake is especially for lovers who have their first kiss in open park area. This cake will remind you that special moment. So if you desire to remind your lover or beloved that happy time again opt for this design of cake. Back setting with chocolate is giving the imagery of two lovely birds like dolphin and peacocks etc. Two lovers are sitting on birds and doing their first kiss together will make the couple heart fill with pleasure and romance. With this designing and topping of cake tell your beloved how much romantic you are.

Nature inspired cake:

Lovers love nature a lot and this imagery on cake is very interesting thing to do. On white cream cake the formation of tree with chocolate cream and sauce and red color cream for making flowers and leaves on tree is looking amazing. Then two persons standing at side with hand in hand are made. If you make bride and groom standing hand in hand on cake with tree at side then this imagery will work for you to have a special cake for valentine day.

Chocolate cake with chocolate bars:

If your partner loves a chocolate cake then consider this designing of cake. This large cake in round shape and full of chocolate bars is looking very attractive and brilliant with its design and stylish look. The cake is looking fully filled with chocolates and chocolate biscuits. This cake is good for your beloved because girls like chocolates a lot.