Wow Winter Wedding Cakes


A wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. Traditionally wedding cakes are made to bring good luck to the couple and all guests. In modern western culture the cake is served to guests at the reception and they are more of a center piece to the wedding and are not even always even served to the guests some cakes are built with only single edible one tier for the bride and groom to share. Cakes are made according to the wedding theme. No matter which theme you choose for your wedding, there must be something to reflect the season. Wedding cake is one of the most suitable pieces for dressing up seasonally.

If you are getting married in colder months then make your cake to keep in mind the current season. A winter wedding cake captures the icy atmosphere and injects a little warmth and romance. All white cake decorated with seasonal elements as small pine cones, red berries, nuts, cinnamon sticks, and lots of glitter is enough to winterize your wedding cake. Here is a collection of winter wedding themed cakes for you just choose one and impress the guests. A cake decorated with berries and other wintry things is an awesome and unique idea.

A wedding in the coldest months requires a cake that will warm your heart and give the feel of warmness as you can see in the picture a tiny cake that is built in two tiers in dark chocolate, decorated with red berries and snow looking so cute. Three tiered cake is decorated in a completely white frosting and ion a different way to create a more traditional look and coordinates with an array of wedding colors. Just spray of your red berries and Christmas mantles and pair them with white roses for a clean and elegant presentation.

Some brides like to make the cake match to the wedding cake as this cake is decorated with edible ornaments like the ornaments placed in the wedding gown. The cake is also garnished with fresh red roses in cascading style and a metallic monogram is also placed on the top of the four tiered cake.
Two tired whit cake is decorated with pops of red, plenty of pine cones and spring of evergreen. This beautiful cake is finished with winter-themed elements such as snowflakes and snowballs.

This wintery wedding cake is gorgeous master piece featured with white roses and the gold cake toppers.
Nothing will wow your guests more than a white snowy frosted on your wedding cake decorated with an as assortments of pinecones, berries and anything else you could find in the winter season. This winter wedding cake is too charming to pass up! You can have your initial carved into the frosting like the bark of a tree and owl cake toppers are also used on the top of the cake to make it more beautiful and impressive.

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