Yummy And Adorable Drip Wedding Cakes


Desserts are the must thing to include in wedding menu and cake is the favorite of everyone. Now it has become very trendy not only in western countries but also in eastern countries to cut cake at wedding ceremony. In fact it has become a part of wedding and bride and groom both enjoy this trend a lot. To enhance the grace and level of your wedding management this will be far better for you to bring a cake that look delicious, classy and amazing with its shape and size.

It must have a proper size and classy look that can make bride and groom feel special. Cake cutting ceremony can be regarded the most awaited one for which everyone is found very excited to see the cake and to eat it. In a wide range of cake variety drip cake look amazing and tempting. Here are some beautiful drip wedding cakes shown that you can opt for your wedding;

Cocktail decorated cake;

Consider this attractive and nice-looking cake for your marriage. Here we have a cocktail cake that is decorated from top with different fruits. Cocktail juice can be used to pour on the cake to make it eye-catching and attention-grabbing. The cake will look truly in presentable form. Floral decoration on the top is further increasing the charm and beauty of the cake.

Drip wedding cake with floral decoration;

Cake in double portion is looking too much adorable and dripped with orange juice on the top. A few lining on the side of the cake is complementing the cake making it wonderful. The color of the juice may depend on the flavor of the cake. Opt for this orange color juice to make the cake lively and vivacious. Flowers are used to adorn the cake and they are looking brilliant with flower at the side of the cake on first portion and two flowers at the second portion. The style of dripping the cake is amazing with lining all around the cake and drops at the end.

Drip the cake in freeze form;

This idea is perfect for winter season to have cake in wedding that gives frozen look. This can be done with the use of white cream that can be used in such a manner that it looks like dripping from sides. In western wedding this white color will go perfect with the color of the bridal dress and she will feel happy for having cake for her. Red and pink color roses at the side of the cake look very complementing for the cake.

Large size strawberry cake;

This large size strawberry cake can change the make people happy and wedding couple feels proud for having such large cake on wedding. Couple style dancing pose is looking very nice that’s proved that this cake is for a lovely couple. So if you are lovely couple must order to décor your cake with such dancing romantic posture for it will make you happy.

White cake with black dripping;

This cake will fill your mouth with water with its falling of black chocolate sauce from white color cake. Both the colors are the colors of the dresses of bride and groom. This theme of matching the colors of the cake to the outfits of bride and groom is really an interesting one. Candle bottom shape is looking marvelous with chocolate sauce on its top.