Black and White Valances to Decorate the Window Appearance


As a person needs to refresh and update his appearance so as is with the home renovation. Home decoration contains much importance because the environment where you survive must be well decorated and right. Well, there are many installments in home that just change the decorative pallets but we today have splendid here the window valance designs in white and black color. Windows are incomplete without curtains and curtain is a complete wearing for window. When you add the curtain to any window of a room, it just changes the look of that room.

So transform the beauty of room with window scarves or valances. Window valances are also curtains type but with short length that has multiple styles to decorate the window in gorgeous ways. The main reason behind taking the white and black window valances is the classic look which these two colors create in a room.

But make sure that the room may have these color hues already in paint, furniture and decorating items. If you take these valances according to the decoration theme of room then it would be sane enough to go with white and black window valances. If you want the latest styles and design of window valances then sticking to my post is helpful for you to pick up cool and chic ideas as I am going to disclose the collection.

Plaid valances for kitchen windows:

1+ Black white window valances decoration

Kitchen is the place where a window is essential to keep the atmosphere airy and heat-free and to cover up the window with well decorated curtains you prefer more the window scarves or valances. I have taken the plaid white and black valances in different styling according to the mood of house ladies. This plaid pattern can create the interesting hues in kitchen appearance. You can also line up the simple white valances with plaid fabric as showcased in the image.

Striped window valances:

2+ Black white window valances decoration

Whenever you think the patterns of curtains, stripped pattern is one which is most prominent and classy too. Whether you take stripes in diagonal, vertical, horizontal or chevron, all are acceptable to just transform the window embellishment. These stripy pattern valances are a good idea that you can décor over the long simple black or white curtains, you can also make a match of black on sides and white in between curtains.

Modern pattern window valances:

3+ Black white window valances decoration

The living room or study room can be accessorized with these window valances that are so cool with interesting patterns or prints. Modern digital printed but in black and white color valance on which Paris love has been showed. The next one is bird inspired that can show your kind nature and love for birds. These are really chic to cover up a small window of house.

Chain sequence print window valances:

4+ Black white window valances decoration

Chain blocks sequence print is so motivating especially when you get this for your cushions but you can make a match with window valances too by having white and black simply gorgeous print window valances. Make these valances more prominent having the strip, dotted, intricate pattern or the plain curtains that will create the really wonderful impressions of room.

Cascading white black window valance:

5+ Black white window valances decoration

I am pretty sure that everyone likes the cascading window curtains but to craze up the rooms you must add the cascading window valances. Especially bedrooms and living rooms are decorated with cascading style window curtains so these curtain designs are beast for your living room to create the expressions of deluxe. Take the pattern according to your choice but look into the picture for more ideas that will surely help you.