Floral Decoration Ideas in The Wedding Staircase


Wedding is such a place when everybody in the good mood and want to collect every pleasure of life in that place the groom and bride are so excited for starting the new life they are going to connect in the relation of wedding and they have to remain for the long time with each other. When you go in the wedding you first see the decoration of that place that in which way you have decorated because good decoration can make your wedding more interested because now a days the pictures and the selfies are common people want to catch the moments of wedding in their cameras .

now the people are so trendy they want to do something new and stylish in their everything because without it people consider them odd and out dated. In the wedding you want to decorate that  place  with so many different places like flowers,  buntings, ribbons ,lights , glitter fabrics, greenery, delicious cake and many other thing that make your wedding remarkable  so if you want to decorate the wedding place according to your choice means with the flower then stay with  us and see  because  in  many wedding places the staircase is common so the decoration of the staircase is not too much difficult.

Pink flowers decoration:


Pink flowers are very beautiful and the girls most like this color because it is very cute and give you baby like look in the side of the  house where you are decorating the  wedding place  so on the black railing of the stair  decorate  the pink color flowers  with the candles in the both sides of the stairs on the stair case upper  decorate the chandelier in the different color  if in your house the light color means cream  color whitewash  with the floral  in light  color  on the staircase look so decent.

Green with yellow:


If you want to decorate the wedding place for the sangeet  and the  mehandi functions then decorate the wedding place in the yellow and green shade means in the center  you can use the stair mat it is up to your choice and the  candles or the lantern on the corner of the stairs are very good  and on the staircase  use the green leaves  two sided stairs can  give a good scene groom is coming at one side and bride  from the other  then they  meet in the center of the way and then come together.

Black with white:


In the wedding if you are decorated your home and in the decoration stairs are compulsory  because it is in the wedding hall so the bride will come from the stairs and on the stairs bride  photo shoot look so  good  if on your stair the black mat is used then in the white  and brown  wood case you can use the colorful flowers but the white with green is so cute  on the stairs you can use the  bouquet in the every inches of the  staircase  such dressing can be done by the bride with the net veil and bouquet.

Wedding in night:


In the night wedding look so colorful and lighted because you can see lights , flowers and the chandeliers In different colors  so in the staircase  spread the flower petal and in the both sides keep the glass made candle stand  and on the staircase use the branches in green color with the floral bouquet  in the colorful roses and the net stuff on the stair  on the tiles  floor can give you a dreamy night on your wedding.

Rustic wedding decoration:


Rustic wedding decoration is very common in the winter because it is light and  simple and in winter you like to  go light colors so in the rustic wedding the wood made  stair and the case is also made with stairs  on the staircase you can use the colorful branches with the light pink and white color flowers  and use the same crown with the decoration because this decoration should be according to the choice of bride  on the decoration you can use the colorful led lights and the  candles in the one corner of the stairs.

Princess inspired decoration:


Some brides want to look like royal and the princess like look so if you want to go with the  princess style wedding decoration then  decorate the wedding staircase   in the light colors flowers because it spread the sweet fragrance in the wedding place and  welcome the bride with the decorated stairs instead of throwing flowers on her it look so backward  it’s an old style  spread petals  and the bouquet  on the staircase create a  blushing  and fascinating  atmosphere.