Latest winter glitter sparkling nail art designs for girls


Nail paint is the best thing for grooming your nails and it gives you a decent look when you apply nail paint and making different design on it .the trend of nail art is due to the Lady Gaga because she was introduced us from the nail art and nail paint she is very fond of nail paints and nail designing .

there are so many color that is in the dark and light, nude, coral, pastel and the many other shaded in glitter is used by the girls. The nail color and art never remain same it is change and change according to the time and season. it is very easy to make good nail at home  you are something creative  not d many effort for making good designs

if your nails are too short then no need to worry because there are many god design for the short nail and if you want long nail then acrylic is also good .in the nail art  floral , vintage, lining , digital and many other styles are common you can  apply it on your nails  here I have good nail designs ideas for you in winter season you can used.

Nail art in white color:

White color is very good color for the winter because the dress in the winter is so dark   so with it yu can apply the light color nail paint and the nail art is also in the white .first apply the  white transparent nail paint on your all nails and then  make design  on your nails with the toothpick  on the edges of  it in the pure white color  in the white color there are many design which are looking beautiful  as just like  shiny glittered nail paint with the edges whitener apply glitter and make the vines  n the nails on your round and the square  nails are on your choice first apply the  nail shiner and then glitter on your nail with the help of toothpick make the flowers  and go with  any dress.

Pink shaded nail art:

Pink color is the favorite color of the girls it look so nice on your hands and give  you a cute look in the winter season with your sky blue , dark pink , brown and the purple color dress apply the pink nail paints for the graceful look .baby pink color  nail paint is best for your  short nails on the edges apply white  nail color  and only on the one finger different shaded zigzag style  is good for nail art.

Peach pink color is in the coral style is good for the dark complexion girls because the dark complexion girls like to go with light color apply nail paint and on the two or three glittered with the lining and nude pink color is also nice choice with the glitter on the functions and  the student can go with this nail art.

Formal nail paint ideas:

The girls and brides who want to go with the winter shaded  they can select the  light color for nail art  as just like creamy brown color  on the nail  if your complexion is so white then this color will suit on you apply the nail paint on it and paste the stones on it and  you  can make the white flowers and the glitter on your one nail  on the peach pink nail apply the wet glitter with the glue and the stones  on the corner of your nails it is looking so glamorous

The Bollywood heroines keep this style maroon color is also nice color for the winter you can use the maroon color with your light dresses if you are going on wedding then you can use the golden , silver ,  copper any shade for the formal in the formal design blue color is also fabulous you can apply the blue color nail paint  in the sparkling  shade and make the white color design on your nail for the best look.