Modern Wedding Decoration Ideas for The Outdoor


Wedding decoration is very much important for the wedding because the people always remember the decoration of the wedding the pictures which we click on the wedding so the decoration should be in nice and great style. the people who has arranged a  wedding ceremony in their lawns and parks  they decorate the different  the place in different style .in the summer and spring season mostly weddings are arranged  outdoor  and in the winter who want to enjoy the wedding in the winter with their dears and fellows  they also arranged the wedding outdoor .

with the different LED lights , buntings, ribbons , flowers and  many other things are used in the wedding you can decorate the wedding place according to your choice because the decorators demand too  much and sometime in many expenditures we have no more money for giving them so  decorate the outdoor by yourself. If you want to arrange the wedding decoration outdoor place then stay with us and see the pictures.

Sangeet function:

If you are arranging the sangeet function then  arrange the  benches and the stools in the white color if it is in the winter then make a fire place  with the wood and lit the colorful lights in the sides of the fire place  sit on the benches  and the curtains are also in the light colors  on the doorway keep the iron threshold a d decorated it  with the different buntings  and the lamps when the light is off  then  it is a nice scene.

Greenery place for wedding:

In the wedding you  can decorate the wedding place with the green leaves ,tress and the grass  lit the lights and make a castle style iron made  stand keep in the wedding place and put the chairs and table in this threshold  cover the whole iron  stand with the leaves and the grass with the lights it look so sparkling  on the tables use the royal blue color  fabric for cover the table because with the  brown color blue look so decent.

Rustic wedding ceremony:

Rustic wedding ceremony is mostly arranged in the autumn season because the leaves are fallen and only empty shrubs are remain in the party keep the woody things like the grass is also in the brown dry style .the bar in the wedding party is also decorated for making the party rocking the celebration of your wedding is through the bear and the viski when bride will wear the ring in the  fingers of the  groom the full halla gula  is in the wedding place  when you see the bar in the outdoor wedding you will feel  that is a rocking party which is celebrated with full pomp.

Blue and purple theme:

Blue color give us cool effect  royal blue color with the purple dupatta  in the stand of the wedding  decoration for the spring wedding you can decorate the place with the bright color at  the place of blue and purple red and the  plum color curtains are also good  on the stands cover the lights  and the lamps  in the golden color with the glass made  lit in the golden shaded you can use the colorful club lights for the  amazing celebration with the help of  silk benches cover and the cushions on the benches in the blue and purple give us  brighten effects.

Forest wedding:

Some people like the forest wedding because some people like the greenery and too much  open place in the forest the leaves are dry lying on the land long trees  with the  shrubs  with the lights  and the colorful sparkling  fountains and  colorful dupatta on the trees around  in the wedding you can keep the table and chair in the colorful cover and the  lamps you can hang the lamps with the trees  a table  for the  groom and bride is fully adorned with the sequins fabric  and the flower vases.