Sleeping Beauty Different and Various Style Party Ideas


For little and teen age girls, dreaming for princess party is so charming because they always like to be the Disney land princesses like. Girls have their well liked princess and for sleeping beauty princess fans, we have today maintained the party ideas in which sleeping beauty theme is all rolled over.

Sleeping beauty party ideas can provide you a chance to have a lot of Disney fun with taking delights, décor and also the princess outfits. Whether it may be a birthday party or the fun teen party for girls, sleeping beauty theme is the best to go.

As far as the theme is concerned you have choice of all blue, all pink or the blue with pink that you can spruce over the party décor. Our ideas are enough that will tell you about décor to the delights you want in the party. No party gets complete without activities or games so for sleeping beauty party girls can play different games such as cupcake décor, small princess dress designing, sleeping tag and many others that even you have thought by yourself.

A party is right when it is managed according to the budget so keep in mind your budget and set all the things according to it. First make small assessment on page about all the things you are needed for and then go for shop. But you can contact to event or party planners who have best packages to arrange any kind of party. Tell them about your budget and the demands of sleeping beauty theme party; they have even cheap packages and best party arrangements.

Table décor for party:


Take the party table favor of Once upon a time and all the things in pink color, you have the theme of sleeping beauty that you can take over topper cake but set the table with other princess statues in small size that will represent their presence and participation too. Decorate the backdrop of table wall with flowers or with balloons too if your girl is so little.

Sleeping beauty party décor items:


Well a party requires many decorative things but see in the image where a twinkling jar with sleeping beauty is looking so miraculous. On the other hand girl can handover sleeping beauty tag bowties like pairs to every girl in the party. It is up to the choice of party girl to have these tags in pink or blue color but we have suggested here the pinks are well.

Big party setup:


If the party has been set on big scale then opt for a big hall on rent where you can adjust more guests but make sure about all sitting arrangements. Have a view of image where sleeping party big arrangement is all done; make small aisles having garlands or pom-pom to give the best party décor impressions.

Polka dot sleeping beauty party:


For little girl’s birthday party, parents can have sleeping beauty party theme with crazy patterns. And we have polka dotted birthday party celebration ideas that will provide you chance to arrange everything like this. Style polka dot pink and blue balloons and have the back table wall designed with stripy and polka dotted wallpapers.

Party favors and activities for girls:


You can have different activities and favors for girls present in the party, for example providing them stuff and ask to sew the princess dresses. This can be fun game for girls and nominate the one best stitched dress. On the other hand set a sleeping beauty table where different kind o jewelry, makeover and other princess accessories can delight the girls in party.