Bridal Photo Shoot of Maya Ali & Junaid Khan by Wearing Nomi Ansari dresses and Jewellery by Deeya Ornaments


Nomi Ansari emerged in the fashion industry in 2001 and in under a decade, Nomi Ansari brand has become one of the most-sought after labels in Pakistan. Deeya jewelry is the most popular jewelry brand found in UK and designed all kinds of jewelry including Indian jewelry, Pakistani jewelry, kundan jewelry, polka jewelry and Mughal jewelry.

They designed almost all accessories of jewelry as matha-patti, tika, earrings, bangles, nath, hath panja,kaleeray, saharay, rings and jhoomer and designs of Deeya Jewellery are stunning and delivered anywhere in the world. The aim of Deeya Jewellery is to sell bespoke made kundan, polka, and crystal and beaded bridal and formal jewelry custom made to client requirements to people all around the world. Here is the photo shoot of famous Pakistani actors Junaid Khan and Maya Ali wearing groom and bridal dresses by Nomi Ansari and bridal jewelry by Deeya Jewelry.

The bride Maya Ali wore a bridal dress by Nomi Ansari designed in light grey color and embellished with multi color thread embroidery and work of sequins, dabka and other kinds of materials in golden color looking so nice and the bridal jewelry by Deeya Jewelry including earrings, ring, guluband necklace, tika and jhoomer has made the bride more beautiful and stunning. In the picture we can see Maya Ali wearing yellow dress with multi colors lehenga is designed in the stuff of jamawar and sleeveless choli is designed in shocking pink color full of golden work with yellow dupatta full of tiny stones and borders are embellished with thread embroidery patch looking so nice and bride is looking the bride of mehndi and mayo function wearing lightweight bridal jewelry as earrings hath panja and a kara in her hand is looking simple and beautiful.

Both bride and groom are looking beautiful by wearing the dresses of designer Nomi Ansari. Groom Junaid Khan wore maroon sherwani of jamawar with white straight pant and bride wore a multi colors lehenga and single color sleeveless blouse in aqua blue color embellished with same color work and yellow net dupatta is full of tiny stones and two colors embroidered patches are placed on the edges of yellow dupatta the dress is looking stunning and bride also wore heavy stunning jewelry made in kundan stones by Deeya as matha patti, earrings, a guluband necklace, a heavy necklace, bangles and hath panja looking gorgeous.

The latest bridal photo shoot, captured by Azeem Sani and taken by Junaid Khan and Maya Ali will inspire you the lot and you will inspired by the jewelry of Deeya Ornaments and will love to buy it for your special occasion.

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