Fantastic Al KLaram Lawn Summer Collection 2015


Al Karam, prologue:

Al Karam is prominent aming those leading fabric mills of Pakistan which have excellent worldwide repute. A manufacturing and suppliers mill which is providing different fabric stuffs for home & industrial markets in all over the world. Since 1986 this prestigious fabric mills is satisfying high ended demanded urges of classy fashion lovers.

For this summer Al Karam has launched its most fantastic and enchantingly excellently collection. This fascinating collection is splendidly awesome. From elegant printed pasterns,

alluring embroideries and terrific color schemes these enchanting costumes are beautified. For stylish girls these fascinating summer dresses are excellent selections to enhance their fabulous grace. Let’s explore marvelous grace of this magnificent collection.

Colorful architecture printed dress:

1 amazing color scheme dresses by Al Karam Lawn Collection 2015 (21)

This fantastic colorful dress has excellent worth of stylish stitching and fantastic architecture printed demonstration. From elegance of inspiring colors and splendid stitching style this fascinating lawn dress is beautified. Amazing grace of enchanting long flare shirt is paired wit printed dupatta and pajama.

Sleeveless jacket style lawn dress:

2 amazing color scheme dresses by Al Karam Lawn Collection 2015 (25)

Elegance of decent printed lawn dress is offered in this picture. This magnificent dress has excellent grace of enchanting stitching. Knee length shirt is paired with jacket and tights. Elegance of printed pattern, impressive colors and sleeveless demonstrations are further increasing its classy grace.

Floral printed lawn costumes:

3 amazing color scheme dresses by Al Karam Lawn Collection 2015 (3)

Fascinating lawn flower printed dresses are shared here. These gorgeous attires have excellent worth of classy printed shirts which are paired with lain pajamas. Enchanting colors schemes and fantastic stitching are splendidly increasing their elegance. For this summer such amazing dresses are superbly marvelous.

Printed angrakha style lawn dress:

4 amazing color scheme dresses by Al Karam Lawn Collection 2015 (30)

An awesome magnificence of enchanting lawn angrakha style dress s shared here. This fascinating angrakhra is enchantingly marvelous in its fabulous grace. From classy printed elegance and fantastic contrast color scheme this fascinating dress is beautified. This terrific formal style lawn dress is fabulously excellent for stylish girls to enhance their gorgeous grace.

Amazing laen dresses offered by Al Karam:

Some more elegant and enchantingly marvelous lawn dresses by Al Karam are share in below presented gallery. Have an admiring glance of shared gallery with appreciating eyes and select some marvelous designs of fantastic lawn printed attires for your exclusive grace. Enjoy the elegance of enchanting gallery.