Ladies Summer 2015 Collection by Zaheer Abbas at TPFW


Zaheer Abbas white theme summer ladies attires at TPFW

Zaheer Abbas is renowned and prestigious Pakistani fashion designer that achieved much reputation with respected name & career in the fashion industry. He appeared in 2010 as a veteran and qualified fashion designer and offered his debut ladies assortment which capture the heats of fashion lover gals.

He accomplished in some time and now recognized at International level as a best and high-profile Pakistani fashion designer.
Recently, in the fashion show of Telenor Pakistan Fashion Week he showcased his superb terrific and excellent ladies summer attires anthology that is comprises in white them outfits with blossom enormous floweret patterns.

Classy and modernistic vogues gowns, idealistic current skirts and long shirts are added in this grand assortment. Let briefly explain in this article about dazzling and alluring most modern Zaheer Abbas summer ladies collection.

Vivid hues skirt with buttoned neckline shirt

1 Zaheer Abbas Summer Collection 2015 (13)

This contemporary and fabulous Zaheer Abbas creation is comprises on skinny shirt with fitted sleeves and bright colors elaborate printed skirt. This elegant classy shirt is nourished from front with miniature chic button and knee length pleated skirt furnishes ultra-classic demonstration.

Net embroidered gown with long shirt

2 Zaheer Abbas Summer Collection 2015 (1)

This dazzling and stunning designer creation has awesome lovely design with long white base shirt that has huge tulle chunnat bottom. For trendy look, over its front open half sleeves gown that designed with fabulous and graceful white embroidered skinny material gown.

 Fluffy long skirt with flowers’ embroidery top

3 Zaheer Abbas Summer Collection 2015 (2)

Wao! This is so much nice and elegant creation of Zaheer Abbas with ankle length & extensive bottom skirt and dazzling pastel floral embroidery top. Finest and graceful white material utilized to design this charming and appealing summer ladies attire.

Blossom flowers’ embroidery gown dress

4 Zaheer Abbas Summer Collection 2015 (3)

In this running fashion era, most prominent and high-flying trend is gown style dress that can design with diverse stunning patterns that’ reason Zaheer Abbas also added in his superb collection classy gown style attire for ladies. This striking and gorgeous dress formatted in long and slim gown style that enriched with bright tints floral embroidery.

At this point, you observed Zaheer Abbas latest and contemporary fashion collection that is consists on white them fancy outfits. If you want to see some more attire of Zaheer Abbas then you should check our gallery of images. Hope, you will like and admire of this grand assortment.