Ladies Summer 2015 Lawn Kurti Collection by Junaid Jamshed


Junaid Jamshed prologue

Junaid Jamshed is prestigious and renowned name in the Pakistani celebrities that worked in many fields such as singer, song writer, nasheed recite, fashion designer and chief member of charity institutes. He is almost 50 years old and belongs with Urdu speaking family.

His father was colonel of PAF and he also tried to join his father’ field but he rejected due to weak eye-sight. He got higher engineer study from Lahore and in 1983 he started to perform with rock music gang in Peshawar and got much fame. In 2004 Junaid changed his life career and left both engineering and music and entirely focus on Islam and recited nasheed.

His natte are liked in the world wide. In 2009 Junaid Jamshed introduced himself as a fashion designer and now numerous outlets are running throughout Pakistan under the label of J.J

Junaid Jamshed as a fashion designer

Here, I am going to allocate Junaid Jamshed recent & modern summer lawn kurti collection that he showcased on 9th April with contemporary and fresh colors’ palette and outstanding current designs. All J.J ladies kurti collection has diver stunning different back and front digital print with plain trouser. Let briefly explain in this article about fascinated and gorgeous summer lawn collection.

 Black chevron printed lawn dress

1 Stylish Junaid Jamshed Summer Kurti Collection 2015 for Women (7)

This awesome dazzling and superb summer lawn printed dress is exploring charming and fetching manifestation. Delightful white & black opposite contrasted colors chevron pattern is on back while front has buttoned neckline with intricate bottom print.

Natural green blossom printed attire

2 Stylish Junaid Jamshed Summer Kurti Collection 2015 for Women (9)

Summer is hottest and warm season in which everybody wants cool and light tint outfits and especially girls are much conscious about their wearing style so, always prefer bright cool mint attire for summer festival. This light pastel green is best for summer that has bubbles printed pink neckline and elaborate printed shoulder straps.

Pink balls printed J.J outfit

3 Stylish Junaid Jamshed Summer Kurti Collection 2015 for Women (18)

Pink is extremely chic and innocent pretty dress that is most prominent among girls’ wardrobes. This terrific and endearing pink designer lawn dress has digital prints with white contrasted that looks enormous graceful and cool for summer. Chevron printed sleeves, neckline and bottom is best and dazzling prints.

Decent and nice summer lawn apparel

4 Stylish Junaid Jamshed Summer Kurti Collection 2015 for Women (4)

This light pastel tints summer dress is fabulous and sophisticated that stunningly designed with net classy sides printed fiber straps and dashing embroidery front bottom. Printed back really looks magnificent and charm.

Here, you can see furthermore excellent and fabulous summer lawn outfits those are excellent creation of Junaid Jamshed. All nice and decent attires have digital bright prints and some adorned with subtle embroidery. If you are going to buy summer lawn designer dresses then J.J should your first choice for impressive and elegant prints. Hope, you will like and admire this grand summer lawn collection.