Neeta Lulla Pastel Sarees 2016 collection in Various Styling Designs


One of the biggest names in Indian designer who avail their popularity in all over the world is Neeta Lulla who does not need to be introduced with any formality as her name is enough in achieving fame. The foremost awarded designer for best designer and courtier in India who is working for two decades and mature enough in settling trends. Her custom dresses have won the hearts of the people who stick to the designer branded creations while on the other hand any Indian celebrity is incomplete without wearing her innovations in any press conference, promotion of a movie or at the red carpet.
The designer knows very well how to mold a dressing right according to any body shape to make it perfect or the rich material that sprinkles over the dresses is much more. She is acclaimed designer who has lift up the fashion industry ranked in the rich cultural trends. Hemma Malini daughter Esha Deol’s marriage is an example where her creations were seen on the scene, the bridal and her daughter both were in designer dresses to rock the fashion and the function stealing the hearts of the guests present there.
Neeta Lulla every creative work is the reflection of her abilities and the maturity level that she puts in making dresses. One of the stylish and latest creations we have assorted here is the Sarees that she has designed in various styles while in pastel colors almost favorite for everyone gleaming and extravagant for the girls who want to accentuate their feminine beauty in a ravishing way. The Sarees are guaranteed as these are allocated with different work and the prime sheer fabric that enhance the beauty of any girl to rank her in the modern fashionista of world. Here we come to showcase the ensemble of Neeta Lulla Sarees collection for girls.

1.    Ethnic piece of modern designing dress by Neeta Lulla

1. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

2.    Lace fabric in peach color tucking pallu and sequined blouse

2. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

3.    Latest saree style in wearing trouser and dupatta

3. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

4.    Amazing flair of mint sequined saree while having a skirt piece at bottom

4. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

5.    Cut work amazing ferozi saree piece for girls

5. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

6.    Mirror work at off white outfit with maroon lining on dupatta

6. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

7.    Pastel ferozi, yellow and peach combination with light embroidery

7. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

8.    A style statement for the girls readily want to attend any function

8. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

9.    Pastel coral shade belted saree with golden belt and the over flair

9. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection

10.    Contemporary lungi style saree of Neeta Lulla with glittering golden mirror work

10. neeta lulla Sarees 2016 collection