Basic Funeral Dressing Ideas & Etiquettes for Men


What I should wear when I want to go on a Funeral Ceremony?

I know that we have to depart from this world one day. No one can live alive always. In our life we must face some great sorrowful events when our most beloved people left this world. Yes, you are thinking right I am talking about “death”. It is a great fact of life & no one can deny it. So, when you attend a funeral ceremony then there is a great need to inform yourself about what style of clothes you should wear & what styles of clothes you should avoid. Here I am going to illustrate the funeral dressing etiquettes for men & boys. Read the following points carefully. Into the last I also share some pictures that can give you an idea about an absolute look for the mournful day.

•    Traditionally, the simplest rule for attending funeral ceremony is to wear simple dresses.
•    Second point to remember is that to choose black or white color by keeping your cultural norms into the mind because in Muslim countries people prefer to wear white on funeral ceremony while in west black is consider best. But now days the darker grey & blue colors are also best option.
•    For men the pant suit is a best option.
•    You can also wear a button town shirt either in black or white or grey color with tie.
•    Don’t use bow tie.
•    Don’t use pocket square into the pant suit.
•    Try to wear slacks in black, grey or blue tones.
•    Don’t wear fancy or ragged Jeans or shorts.
•    Always wear long sleeved shirts.
•    A collared shirt looks nicer then un-collared.
•    Try to avoid the use of funky t-shirts or half sleeved shirts.
•    When it comes to footwear then I think polished boots or loafers are considered best.
•    Try to avoid wearing the tennis style footwear or sandals, thongs or flip flops.
•    You should avoid the use of stylish baseball hats.
•    When it comes to hairstyle then always a side part or brushed up hairstyle is best option.
•    Consider your religion customs when it comes to funeral dressing. Ask tips from the most religious person of your region or area.
•    Men can try a combination of black slacks, black button down shirt & black tie.
•    Another idea is to wear grey slack with grey vest & white button down shirt.
•    White slack with white shirt, white blazer is best idea for those men who live in a society where people prefer to wear on funeral ceremony.
•    Try to keep a black umbrella with you so that you can tackle well with the unpredictable weather conditions.
•    Don’t use make up.
•    Don’t wear extra jewelry pieces instead of a decent wrist watch.

Black Pant Suit Ideas for Funeral Ceremony:

1 black color Funeral dresses ideas for men

You can wear black either from head to toe or you can add a touch of white I mean black slack, black coat but white button down shirt & black tie. Wear well polished boats with pant suit.

Blue Color Dressing for Attending a Funeral:

2blue color   Funeral pant suit for men

Try a blue pant suit. You can also wear blue vest with blue slack, blue tie, blue blazer but white button down shirt. Make a side parted hairstyle & look very decent.

Try Shades of Grey on Grief Events:

3 grey color Proper Funeral Men Attire ideas

I personally love the shades of grey when it comes funeral dressing for men. Grey looks quite nice & less trendy. Try grey slack with grey blazer but white button down shirt. Or you can try a grey color pullover style plain sweater with blue slack & brown polished boats.

White Men Dresses for Sorrowful Events:

4 white funeral attire for men

Try head to toe white look or wear a white button down shirt with decent sky blue jeans.