Best Ways to Wear Hijab for Namaz:


Amazing Hijab Guideline for Namaz:

No doubt how modern and stylish you are how many rocking styles you apply or how many trendy things you use for a confident and perfect survival in this modern world. But the main thing in our personality is ethics. Do we have ethics of our religion? These are the basics fundamental of a person that he should know about his religion even basic things about religion. As a Muslim girl it is my responsibility to know basic things that what our religion says about prayers etc. like do we should wear hijab while doing prayers at home and the answer is … Yes Muslima ladies should also wear hijab while offering prayer (Namaz). It is obvious while reading Quran Pak:

Allah says in Quran Paak in verse 7:31 : “O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer…”

So here in our current drafted presentation we are going to guide you that how to wear hijab while offering Namaz. We display you some pictures so that you can observe the clear and true guideline to wear hijab during namaz being a Muslim Lady. Because it is obligation and responsibility of all Muslims to strictly follow the Quran Pak.

So here our post is affiliated with the pictures of girls wearing perfect hijab while offering prayers (Namaz).


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