Birthday Party Dressing Ideas for Birthday Girls


What I should wear on My Birthday Party?

Do you want to make a very remarkable entry into your birthday party? Well, if you are thinking just like me then you are correct because it’s your right. A birthday girl should always look quite different from all guests & her friends. But the question is “how it is possible?” well, for looking special, an exclusive dress is required. How to choose a dress for birthday? Firstly, you need to read the following basic points & then I will give you unique birthday dresses ideas. Hopefully these ideas will help you a lot;

•    Do you have theme for party? If yes then follow the theme & choose a dress that fulfills the requirement of the theme.
•    Keep the venue & time of the party into the mind before choosing a dress. For example for daytime party choose pastel tones while night party you can choose dark & bright color of outfit.
•    Seasonal requirements should also be kept in mind while selecting a dress.
•    Always choose right accessories with your dress. For example if we talk about jewelry with a  dress then keep in mind that with a heavily embellished dress you just need to use minimal jewelry or you can just skip jewelry while with a simple dress you must need jewelry so that you can add beauty into your simple dress.

Let’s have a look at some birthday party dressing ideas for young & little girls.

Ball Gown for Birthday Party:

0ball gown for little girl birthday

If you want to get a princess or a Disney fairy inspired look on your birth day party then try the idea of ball gown because it adds cuteness & loveliness into a little as well as young girl’s personality. For day time party I think ball gowns in pastel tones will surely be a perfect choice for you. In day light, the pastel tones look nice & give a vague feel. Try to style your ball gown with a beautiful hairstyle & use waist belt & enhance the beauty of ball gown.

High Low Dresses Ideas for Girls:

2high low dress evening birthday party

Another amazing idea for birthday party dress is the “high low dress”. Yes, it usually looks a little bit stylish & can give you a modern look. In high low style of dress you can look a little bit chic & funky. This style is preferable for evening birthday parties. Try to choose high low dress is bright colors when you are celebrating your birthday at night time. You hairstyle, makeup plus use of stylish footwear can complete your look.

Shimmer Party Wear Outfits:

3shimmer birthday dress

If you want to shine like a celebrity or star on your birthday party then I think you should prefer a shimmer dress. You can choose a fully sequins embellished dress as well as you can choose a stuff that sparkles a lot. It’s up to weather you choose a bright color or light (mostly the selection of color depends on the theme or color scheme of the party), long dress or short.  With shimmer dress always use minimal jewelry because you dress has already lots of shine so avoid extra styling. Just done your make up (keep it natural), hairstyle & wear your footwear. You are ready to go!

Bohemian Theme Birthday Party Dresses for Girls:

4boho theme birthday party dress

Now days, the bohemian theme is seen everywhere, so if your birthday is near then you can also think about this theme. It actually involves unconventional & unusual style of clothing, hairstyling, make up, décor, food, games etc. You can create an unusual style by wearing lace stuff dress. A ruffle style dress is another option. You can also try sheath. During the selection of a dress for this theme the main purpose is to choose an outfit that gives you an unusual & unconventional look. Mostly the flower headpieces are used with messy hairstyles to complete the boho look. Romantic curly hairstyle is also best idea. Keep your make up strokes natural.