How to Choose the Right Dress According to Your Body


Ideas to choose the dress

0. How to Choose the Right Dress Length for Your Body

There  are many dresses  which are made for ladies  and many lades carry it  at different time because all women are not known  that what type of shape I have and which type of dressing will suit on me .This is the world of fashion  and with the time passing the fashion  become changed  .Maxi, jeans, skirts, gowns and many more dresses which are liked by such ladies who  look not best in these dresses because their body shape is opposite from their dressing .the ladies who  don’t know the body shape then they should not wear imperfect dresses  it doesn’t mean I want to hurt these ladies who wear  opposite dresses  rather my  purpose is to aware you from your body types so that help you  to select dresses because every women want to prominent herself and   beautify your feminine body much more and dressing should be comfortable and  enhance your confidence because without confident you can’t  move in good way in front of society. So there are some dresses which are according to your body shapes. After the dressing I want to tell you kinds of body shapes which are normally found in our ladies.
Types of  ladies body  with dress :
There are many types of body shapes but   4 are many common like apple, pear, rectangle and hour glass. First measure your body  and then  identify your shape which shape is related by you  then you feel easy when you  are going to purchase dress for you.

•    Apple shape:

1. How to Choose the Right Dress Length for Your Body

Apple shape body is larger from upper, small hips and wide shoulders heavy from the center part  then you should wear such dresses which are  wide from the shoulders and not much fitted from the mid of your body  and for you maxis are very good knee length maxi is good choice you can wear  top and skinny jeans also it can enhance your appearance .  Very tight fitted dress like crop top and  tulle is not good because your center part is heavy .Wide shoulder looking  great then you can wear off the shoulder dresses on your party any get together.

•     Rectangle shape:

2. How to Choose the Right Dress Length for Your Body

The  ladies who  are having wide shoulders, smaller hips ,heavy chest  and waist sometime hips and chest both are heavy .There are some hems  knee length, ankle length  and floor length  these dresses are  for tall and medium length if you have rectangle, wedge  shape body then you should avoid from these type of  dresses .Rectangle body shapes women should carry knee length one piece dress  and peplum with skirt it give you most  full length skirt with plain short shirts are also good for rectangle shape bodies.

•    Pear shape :

3. How to Choose the Right Dress Length for Your Body

is very  curvious and most sexy body because when they wear any tight dresses their body look more prominent from hips  but  it is compulsory to wear such dresses which can  cover your most prominent feature of your hips the pear shape body is small from upper, narrow shoulders  and wide from  hips and slim from waist .These  body shapes lady should not wear skinny jeans and cigarette pants .They can carry jeans with  shirts and   simple skirt with crop top and mermaid skirts are also best they can wear any shirt  because the prominent part is hip in pear shape just war right dress on the bottom  part.

•    Hourglass  shape:

Hour glass body shape  is  same from upper and lower  part and mid paert is  narrow .In the hour glass body a proportion and symmetry is found when they wear tight dresses they look more hot  but their main feature is their bust they should  not keep their bust more prominent therefore they should wear  fit and flare short length maxi ,long gowns  if you have long height  and printed belt  pencil style dress ,printed is because if you wear  plain then  you look  strange   and you can carry  tight pencil style  dress also .
•    There are also many shapes like  ‘wedge, slender ,athletic and  inverted triangle “ but which shapes  are described by me mostly famous in ladies  in the  slender ladies their features are  they are very slim from hips and bust they have curves  and in the athletic shape  strong masculine type body  and less curvy  and in the last inverted triangle   body shapes people wider shoulder than their hips  then these types of bodies measure their body and then select the dresses which they want to keep the part of their wardrobe.
Note: Dresses are in so many types and styles but glasses ,haircut and dresses are best which are according to our personality in the selection of glasses we have to see our face shape and in the hairstyle also face and when we are going to buy dresses we should keep in mind our body shapes and  if we don’t know then measure your body .
4. How to Choose the Right Dress Length for Your Body