Latest Ideas for Summer Dressing in 2016


0. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

The  trends and fashion  don’t remain same it is always in the changing   because  man  is born free  therefore he doesn’t want   to  see same things every time it is fact that the trends and fashions are changing like the day and night  and this changing are due to us we  human being are  ourselves  change the old tradition and create the new one  so we are becoming too much emotional   talk to  the point  as  the season of summer is up to its peak and the  people are  very upset  they want to carry such things which are latest and comfortable  it is my opinion  do that fashion which is comfortable because   if you wear the   trendy  dress and feeling  irritation  and suffocation then no benefit of your dressing up in latest dress but don’t be worried  I have   some dresses which are so trendy and  according to this season  you can carry it in the   casual ,formal  events and semi formal  because  if it is summer then we can’t stop our enjoyment  it should be go on and on  because we are born to  enjoy the life so stay with us and see the collection of new dresses which are good for summer.

Trouser with top:

1. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

In the summer season you can carried the  trouser with top  it is good  if your trouser is  skin  then wear the white  top but it is up to your choice that which color do you like most but    keep this thing inyour  mind that wear the light color because in dark you feel much hotness  so you can carry the  mauve  color trouser  with the baby pink top  and hat is must with the sunglasses  because in summer you should save your head and eyes from sun if you are going outside and worried which footwear is  good with this dress then  carry the skin sandal  and it is good for outside going and inside.

Top with skirt:

2. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

Mostly tops are carried  in the summer season because  is very comfortable  so if you are  going on  a tour with your fiancé  and  boyfriend  then carry the  laced stuff   top with three quarter laced sleeves  and pleated ombre shade  shirt  in blue color but you can carry the  grey color skirt with the skin  top  and  wear the silver jewelry with it don’t too much heavy  rather the  silver stud earrings  with the bracelet and wrist watch it’s your choice  and sunglasses  can create a good look on your  wavy curly hairstyle.

Top with shorts:

3. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

Shorts are good  for the scorching season  in the summer you can  put on the  top with the shorts  because it is in trend and comfortable for you  wear the chiffon button down   paired with floral  shorts  at the place of  white you can carry the  black top with the  brown color floral shorts and the swagger bg is  nicer selection  match  your jewelry with your shorts and go on the shopping and where you want to go.

Maxi style:

4. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

Red color  chiffon  maxi in halter neckline  is looking very beautiful you can  wear this maxi  in the school ceremony and  formal party with the silver matching of you  want to  do black then it is also  good   wear the  red maxi with the high heel black color pointed pumps and  embellishing    pouch   is good  you can go with the long black earrings and the necklace  because  your dressing is formal  so make the hair in twisted style and the fish braided  is very   inn now a days  .

Boho inspired dressing:

5. Summer fashion 2016 new clothing ideas

Many girls are  inspired from the boho  dressing because they want to copy the bohemian  dress   so for the boho girls I have an  idea that wear the long maxi in  nude color  spaghetti strap maxi   it is  good for the beach going  because the boho girls like to on the beach side  and off the shoulder  laced embellished top with the boyfriend  rough jeans  and hat is good with the rough jeans wear high heel   sandal and the  flat sandal  is good with the maxi  and wear the  antique jewelry  with these dresses.


In the summer you can go with these dresses easily because it is trendy and according to the season    with these dresses wear the little jewelry and make a formal look because in the summer too much heavy dresses are wrong choice   and in the gallery I have   many other dresses for you which can give you an idea to what should you wear in the summer.

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