Learn with us “How to Drape a Dupatta”, Different Ways of Styling a Duppata, Drape Duppata Elegantly with Lehenga Choli, Suits, Frocks, Long or Short Shirts,


Ways to Drape a Duppata:

Dear readers & viewers, today, I am going to tell you about “how you can drape a duppata in lots of different ways” for getting a stylish look. So, don’t go anywhere, just stay with us & get ideas. When you wear an eastern style dress such as lehenga choli, suits, long shirts, short shirts, frocks or other Indian/Pakistani styles of outfits then only one thing that add gorgeousness into your dress is the “Duppata”. Now the question is “how to style Duppata?”. Don’t worry, just carry on reading & get ideas for bridals, casual, party, wedding & formal duppata drape style!

How a Bridal should drape a Duppata:

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When it comes to set the duppata of a bridal then think about this style because it is easy to style & carry, furthermore, it looks gorgeous & timelessly elegant.  A bridal should wear duppata on head & then set it on front in V Shape. Sometime this style is known as “Maharani” duppata style.

How to Drape Duppata with Salwar Suit:

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If you wear a Salwar suit then think about this style! For creating this style you need only single dupatta. We know that a single duppata has two ends. You need to wear one end over left shoulder & wrap the other end on your wrist of right arm. It is a fire way to look outstanding!

How to Drape Duppata with Churidar Suit:

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Just take your duppata in your hands from behind as shown into the above picture for a graceful look at party or wedding function!

Duppata Draping Style for Party:

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Create some vertical pleats by wrapping you duppata then keep this pleated duppata over your one shoulder as shown into the photo.

Casual Duppata Draping Style:

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Another amazing style of draping a duppata is that set your duppata on both shoulder in such a way that it limits your arm movement & use safety pins for securing this style. Look towards the above picture & get more precise idea!

Stylish Duppata Draping Idea:

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You can also take the dupatta over your shoulders from behind and bring both ends in front of you as shown into the above image.

How to Tuck a Dupatta in Lehenga:

7 how to drape dupatta

Look towards the above picture! By looking towards it you can learn the tucked duppata style very easily. One end is tucked in lehenga around the hipline while the other end of dupatta is set on shoulder.

Duppata Draping Styles:

Similarly there are lots of ways or styles of draping a duppata. You just need to observe each picture carefully & get ideas!