Mirror Work Or Shisha Work or Glass Work Indian Saree Collection


Mirror work is an ethnic form of embroidery where the mirror which is flat piece made of glass or plastic is attached on to the fabric using embroidery stitches to give decorative effects. In India Rajasthan is most popular city in designing the mirror embroidery sarees. Mirror work saree also mostly women worn at traditional Indian festival like Garba, Karwa chauth and many other festivals.

The size of mirror is different and they are also in different cut designs like square, round, oval and many more. The mirror work saree gives a glitter and eye-fixing personality to woman. This work can be done on different fabrics like chiffon, velvet, cotton and georgette. Some designers made sarees with all mirror work or some only done this work on blouse.

Wherever this mirror work done either whole saree or only blouse it give a traditional and sparkling look to personality of women. Look at this mirror work saree collection. Actresses also adorn this for chic look! See Bollywood stunning actress Tabbu in hot Red saree with golden mirror work full sleeve blouse, also a golden mirror work lace around the border enhancing the saree grace.

Sensational Actress Kareena kapoor is looking fab in this white saree with mirror work sleeveless blouse. The princess of ever beauty Madhori Dikshit is appearing spectacular in black saree with mirror work blouse. The mehroon square cut mirror work on the border increasing the beauty of gorgeous Zarine khan. In glittering peach color saree Deepeka padkon is looking dazzling. Sonkashi senha in brown color round mirror work saree is showing remarkable.
Enjoy this mirror work sarees on coming festival!

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