Off The Shoulder Dresses New Fashion trend in Pakistan


Pakistani fashion industry is advancing and started to following the fashion trends of Hollywood and Bollywood. Because Pakistani people watch movies of Hollywood and Bollywood and then they inspire from their outfits and like to adopt and follow their fashion. The fashion trend of off the shoulder dresses has come in Pakistan from the western culture and now is getting very popular among young fashionable and modern girls because young girls like to adopt unconventional and stylish outfits.

As a Muslim nation, off the shoulder fashion trend is not welcomed by most of the Pakistani families but advanced families especially actresses like to wear such type of western style dresses to look more glamorous. Our celebrities are trend setters and they started to set the western trend in Pakistan because people and designer are much dependent on them so they follow the celebrities.

Here are pictures of some famous actresses who have adopted the off the shoulder fashion trend. Some of the people criticized them while others appreciated and adorned. Mehwish Hayat want to update always and she adopts the new fashion trend very quickly regardless of what suits on her and this is not quite admirable as she wore off the shoulders floor length maxi dress in the picture.

Both the sisters Urwa Hocine and Mawra Hocaine adopt the fashion trends before all as they carried off the shoulder dresses formally at the ceremony of Lux Style Awards. Party wear dress in off the shoulder style is designed in glittery golden stuff in floor length will give a terrific look.

Off the shoulders are designed for modern brides too. You can see in the picture off the shoulder bridal dress designed with full bellbottom sleeves in the stuff of velvet in maroon color and the borders of sleeves are adorned with golden work and golden color lehenga is also fully embellished with golden work. This charming dress will raise the figure of bride’s personality in whole gathering.

The selection of the stuff to make off the shoulder dress is most important. It must be delicate with fancy look to go well with formal and semi-formal events. Mostly the fabric of silk, crepe, chiffon, georgette and net is used in making such dresses.

Off the shoulder tops can be worn with jeans, pants, tights and trousers for casual wear. If you are going to attend a wedding function then chose a lehenga with off the shoulder embroidered top or blouse and it can be enchanted by wearing delicate neck-piece, skyscrapers and stylish clutch or hand bag because it will serve you as best option.

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