Stylish Jodhpuri Trousers/ Pants Collection for Women


Jodhpuri pants/ trousers are also known as polo or riding pants. This pant introduced by Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh of Jodhpur. Jodhpur trousers have specific shape and style, stitched with very elegant and brilliant style. This trouser is tight from the calf-length and the upper part of the trouser is like baggy style but in Jodhpuri pants plates have been insert in such style that gives this trouser a traditional, classical and styli look.

This classy mostly wear with short shirt or kurti or can be paired with tunic. This style of trouser is very magnetic and eye-catching and traditional style of Northern India especially in Rajasthan. This style of pants is not only wear by women but men also carry Jodhpuri pants. Here we have collection of women Jodhpuri trousers.

Have a look! This sky-blue Jodhpuri trouser is look like choridar pajama due to its stitching style from calf-length. Zigzag print Jodhpuri shalwar is stitched with a very brilliant and elegantly. Red Jodhpuri pant style has splendid appearance. All these Jodhpuri trousers will give you Jodhpuri traditional and breathtaking look.
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