Useful Ideas to Wear a Proper Belt with Your Dress


People and specially women are very fond of fashion. They love to adopt everything in fashion.  It is the nature of human being that he loves the change and when he has to adopt anything for a long time he gets bore. People always want to do new things. So the fashion of the clothes, bags and other accessories change by a short time. If you want to make a change in your dresses then it is best to use a belt with those. You can use belt with your outfit in many different ways. Belts can hold things in one place and enhance the curve of the figure.
Usually belts were made in leather but now belts are made in different materials like elastic, fabric, chain, snake or alligator skin, knit etc. And now belts are embellished with different things like buckles, studs, and rhinestones etc.

Majority of the women are unaware of how to wear a belt properly and what type of belt will suit with their dress. So always select a belt according to your outfit. Women who have an apple figure or pear shape body should not use belts because a belt can give a negative shape to your body and they will be look funny.

The position of the belt is most important thing. The proper spot of wearing a belt should be around the waistline. If you have some extra fat around your midsection then position your belt above the waistline. In this way you will be look smart.

If your dress is in a single shade then buy a belt in contrast color. Use a dark or bright color with your light shade dress and use a light color belt if you dress is in dark shade. This thing will give you a decent and eye-catching look.

Always choose a belt according your torso. A woman who has a long waist use an extra wide belt because of the wide belt her torso will look small and women with a short torso should use a skinny and narrow belt because to do this her waist will look a little longer.

In this picture there are two women wearing two different belts according to their dresses. One woman in a black baggy top and a green short skirt has worn the belt of golden color and the other has worn black belt in golden buckles with her black coat and black skirt. Both are looking good because the belts have enhanced their smart figures. The black always enhanced the golden color.

Dark color belt will look great with light pink. A brown belt looks good with blue jeans and blue long coat. This girl has worn a wide belt because she has a long waist. This tall woman has worn the black belt with golden buckle.

This golden belt is looking great with blue dress. A knitted white belt has enhanced the beauty of this white dress. The belt made in chain is looking nice with this white outfit. This blue maxi is looking fantastic with black belt made in fabric. The fancy belts should wear with plain and simple suits. With an embroiled dress wear a belt which is made in printed fabric.

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