10 steps How to Apply Foundation



Makeup is an art to enhance the inner charm and beauty in classy and stylish way depending upon face cuts,events,outfits and other such things etc. So there are number of exciting ideas to do makeup with different themes.

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Our current drafted presentation is affiliated with the display of beautiful and raising ideas regarding to do makeup and steps to apply foundation in best way.

Steps to Apply Foundation

Here we are presenting some amazing and easy steps to apply foundation when you begin your make u process your first step is to apply foundation.
First of all select the suitable foundation matches with your skin tone because foundation is the base of your whole make up.
Then decide a medium to apply foundation including compact powders, loose powders etc.
Then a tool to apply foundation.you have thee options like sponge, your finger or a brush to apply foundation.
Prep your face by washing it with face wash and apply gentle moisturizer.
Then apply foundation on your face.
Blend it properly around your whole face.
Touch difficult areas like acne, dark spots, under eye circles etc.
Finish up your foundation by setting your foundation with suitable and perfect setting powder.

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aplly foundation

apply on neck

blush foundation

dark look foundation

Face Foundation

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foundation things

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