Beauty Hacks and Best Ways to Take the Perfect Selfie


Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Finally we have entered into the world of selfie as the word ‘Selfie’ has been added into dictionary, the global world has really changed into selfie word. The trend of taking and posting selfies have gone its height, so the people want this sneaky peaky trend perfect for themselves and we are going to find out the ways that will make your selfie most beautiful and standard selfie. At first this trend became popular as the selfie fever but now this action has made everyone mad, but we have found it more helping at time when there is no one to capture the best of your moments, you yourself is enough to have good time with camera.
Not the mango people but the celebrities themselves has indulged into selfies and they keep on posting the rare moments which is surely a bashful way for their fans to be updated of latest activities. I am passionate about writing this tempting picture capturing and every single person needs about guide of taking selfies because some tricks really work when you are about to shot a selfies otherwise the selfie taken by you doesn’t sound like the same.  We are going to start this from the very first way with makeup.

•    Always keep the main focus on liner as your well defined eyes can enhance the selfie beauty more. Thick and winged liners are the centre of attraction that completely make the look flawless. Enhance lashes by applying right quality mascara otherwise false lashes can work best in this regard. Show off the bright lipstick color you have own recently, the bright hues in selfie can give an interesting effect beautifully. Suggest the lipstick shades according to your skin tone but the tan skin girls must opt for more bright shades.

1. Best selfie tricks

•    Not always the straight face selfie change your look mesmerizingly as the maximum faces are not symmetrical so tilt your face with proper angle and get a shot of selfie with keeping the camera high. In this regard the people used to find their best pose so make an effort and search your best posture in which the beauty of face features gets clearer.

2. Best selfie tricks

•    Don’t be a duck face girls anyways as this has made the world sick; opt for the free-face impressions. Keep the best smile or the funny expressions that can make the number of likes maximum because people like the selfies that has some meaning or fun.

3. Best selfie tricks

•    Contouring is the key to make features well balanced and attractive for perfect selfie. Even if there is less light in room the contouring of face will bless you with best of your selfie. Use SPF for skin glowing and moisturize the face on daily bases if you want your social account jam packed with wonderful selfies.

4. Best selfie tricks

•    Appropriate light is required for any proper selfie, get near the window if you are in room or find the clear backgrounds in open air environment. You even not need of flashes of camera. Although the fake lights work but there is no substitute of clear and natural lighting. The open area where you have gone to visit can give you best backgrounds that will be interesting for your followers.

5. Best selfie tricks

•    Make your selfie more beautiful having a crowd of people you feel comfort and enjoyment in their company. This will make the selfie more interesting for people as sometime just keeping on posting the single selfies get the people fed up. Have a change with a group selfie, no matter in the night parties or at beach fun.

6. Best selfie tricks

•    Now days the way of taking selfie of half of the face or the beauty parts of face is getting popular, this adds sophistication and glam in your selfie. So take selfie with an angle that depicts of your one eye and enhanced lips.

7. Best selfie tricks

Final note:

Although this practice is really a fun thing for everyone yet the people are becoming more serious in this regard. Make the selfies just a one part for life but not the life for selfies itself.