Bridal Foot Mehndi Design Ideas for Women


Popular foot mehndi designs

Mehndi or henna has widely the great importance in women of south asian countries and it is also a sign of happiness and joy in the life of girls and women. mendi is carried by girls and women on their traditional occasions like wedding ceremonies, eid and at sangeet functions. Color of mehndi brings about luck and happiness and girls like to be happy while comparing that whose color is more vibrant and dark. There are other several sayings and concepts regarding color of mehndi that girl with darker mehndi color will be loved more by her husband and her in laws.

I personally love to apply mehndi even though there is no occasion as it makes me feel happy and its smell just refreshes out the whole mind. There are abundant of mehndi designs which are simple but some may also have some difficulty and it’s the art in own way. Traditionally mehndi is applied on hands but women of modish world also like to design out their feet and other body parts like back and legs with shades of henna. Let us discuss several popular mehndi designs for feet.

Easy legs to foot mehndi design for girls:


Let’s initiate our post with utmost graceful and accessible foot mehndi designs for girls that can be applied within small time. This mehndi designs covers foot back area and also major portion of legs. It’s easy to design as its dominant fact is about creating bushy leaves along with circular floral designs. Some of mehndi is also applied on the nails sections of feet to cover it up.

Color shaded mehndi designs for feet:


Let us beautify your feet without shaded transitional mehndi design which is a stunning piece of art maintained with henna and colored purple highlights for further beautification. As you can observe that this design just cover out whole upper section of feet and leads to a corner of leg but not much higher. It’s also considered as traditional bridal foot mehndi design.

Thick and easy mehndi design for foot


We have started this post with basic and easy designing and so do we are ending it on glamorous and thick artistic henna design for feet. While seeking through this simple image you have identified that it can be easily created as it’s just a simple traditional design that is widely worn out by girls on hand and back. We have utmost importance for simplicity in our fashion facts and presentations as one should never forget that way from which we have started our journey.