Collection of Girl’s Modern Belts by Dior


There are many brands in the world that produced the ladies clothing, perfumes, footwear and the other ladies accessories. Dior is also one of them brands that produced the ladies clothing, footwear and other accessories. It came in to being in 16 December 1946 but on 21 February 1947, Dior launched his officially fashion house in France.

There are 210 outlets of the Dior in all over the world. Every produced of the Dior have the amazing look and superb in use and here we have the collection of the girls modern belts design by Dior. In this collection the different designs of the amazing belts are display in the different styles for girls like the animal design slim belt, antique style leather belt, fancy black belt,

pendent jewelry belt, white bow slim belt, plane belt, leave gold platted belt, Dior chain and leather stylish belt and leather hook belt, shinny belt and antique belt. These are all the very beautiful to see and you can wear these with the different dresses like the frock, maxi, gown, romper and with the jumpsuit. You can buy these belts from the outlet of Dior and also from the online shop.

animal print belt by dior

Christian Dior belt for girls

Dior Belts for Womens