Crochet Belts for Hip


Handmade Belts Ideas:

Handmade items are getting rapid popularity into different countries. The main reason behind the popularity of these products is that these look unique & creative. Some people have artistic taste & they like to recycle different goods & things that are available into their store rooms. For this purpose they think a little & produce something marvelous.

Handmade items always draw the attention of the people. When you give a handmade item as gift to your friend or colleague then this handmade gift show your love & affection for the other person because you spend your valuable time into the creation of this gift.

Today, you can get ideas about handmade belts. Yes crochet belts also comes into the category of handmade items. If you know crochet technique then by following the patterns of crochet belts which are shown below you can create these belts at home very easily. Let’ have a look at some crochet belts patterns & designs!

Crochet Belts with Fringe Edges:

1 medium belt

If you deeply observe this picture then you will notice that this crochet belt is created by following the fringe pattern especially on the edges of belts. Brown, pink & blue color combination is looking nice. it means you can use this belt with brown, pink & blue color outfits.

Floral Design Crochet Belt:

2 brown crochet belt

This skin or beige shade crochet hip belt is created by using round hooks which are made with metal. Look deeply & observe the picture. Then try this pattern at home!

Wide Belt for Hip:

3 crochet belt for girls

This hip belt is quite different a compare from the typical & traditional belts due to it wide size. It is looking like a mini skirts. So, it can not only serve as a belt around your hipline but also as a mini skirt. Two in one crochet item idea!

Bohemian Hip Belt with Leaf Pattern:

4 fancy hip belt

This leaf pattern crochet hip belt is looking quite modish & trendy! For bohemian theme parties, this is just right choice!

Crochet Bow Belt:

5 skin crochet belt

This belt is looking very cute & pretty due to its knotted bow tie. Have a look! Teenage girls can go with this design because it’s too cute.

Lace Design Crochet Belt:

6 belt for girls

Check out another very easy & simple pattern for crochet hip belt. For beginners this pattern is appropriate.

Hip Belts for Girls:

Gils can use these belts around their hipline. These belts look nice with jeans, trousers, maxi dress & skirts. If you want to attend a party then you can wear these hip belts with jeans & crop top for a hot look. Similarly, for a boho chic look crochet hip belts play vital role!