Different Styles of Baby Carriers & Bag Slings


Baby Carry Bags:

Women are also working in every sector of life. They have to pay attention at their home as well as toward their kids along with other works. They manage all works very brilliantly. For such working women designers always bring such products on the surface that helps the ladies.

Now days, different types of baby carriers & Baby sling are used so that married women can carry their little kids or new born baby with themselves easily. It is usually a piece of clothes that is stitched in such a way that you can carry your baby easily from one place to another by using it. The slings are available in different styles. Let’s explore some styles!

SSC (Soft Structured Carriers):

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SSC (Soft Structured Carriers) are basically “Modern structured” carries, that are most widely used by the ladies of the 21st century. These carriers are manufactured by using soft stuffs. These are easy to use. Women can use these one the back shoulder as well as at the front side as shown into the above pictures.

Ring Sling for Toddlers:

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This type of slings is known as ring slings because rings are used in it. Mostly nylon rings or aluminum rings are used.

Pouch Baby Sling:

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Pouch slings also called tube or pocket slings because the clothe is stitched in a tubular shape & drawstrings or buckles can be used for making it an adjustable pouch sling or carrier for a baby.

Wrap Carrier for Kids:

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Wrap slings are basically look as you wrapped a cloth around your bodice. For making a wrap sling mostly a long & wide piece of cloth that ranges from 2 meters to 6 meters. You baby will be safe in it.

Amauti Sling:

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Amauti sling is also a very unique type of baby carrier. It is a baby pouch that is just below the hood as shown into the above picture. Historically, this style of baby bag carrier was used by the Inuit women belong from the eastern Canada. These carriers are considered just perfect for those moms who live in cold regions.

Slings & Carrier for Babies Guidelines:

Before buying any bag carrier or sling for your baby you should keep some points into your mind these are; first of all be sure about the size of a sling that go well with your baby’s size & age. Secondly avoid those carriers which can leads towards the creation of suffocation problem for your baby. Thirdly, always choose soft & delicate stuff because it protects your baby’s skin from rashes. Least but not last, be sure that you buy a sling or carrier in which your baby’s eyes, face, nose, and mouth are visible at all times so that he/she can breathe freely & in fresh air.