Different Tattoos Designs for the Body


0. Colorful Tattoos Designs

Tattoos are basically the sticker and the  and the  form of   body  modification  by the inserting ink  in an instrument  when we burn it  in a full heat   then  we trace the different shapes  on the  body  in the previous ages the people use  the stickers as the place of   tattoo but now the trend   is changed .

people make the tattoos  for the   purpose of fashion and there are many   other purpose which are hide   behind to make the tattoos  because many tattoos are  the signs of some traditional nations and the  customs ,symbol of devotion, sexual pleasure ,loving emotions ,sign of bravery ,marks of fertility, amulets  and the  king and slaves showing signs.

In the previous ages the people like to make the tattoos  on their body for the showing of the culture and their traditions and these tattoos are not made by only boys  rather girls are also   involved to make the tattoos and the trend of it  increasing day by day  not only any single part of body rather it is on the whole body parts  because  the person who made one  tattoo on her/his body he .she becomes addicted to it and want to make  more tattoos .

Peacock feather:

1. Colorful Tattoos Designs

Peacock  is very beautiful  animal and when he   spread his    feather  in the heavy rain he look very  beautiful   and the feathers of him  I the symbol of beauty  so the peacock feather is mostly made by the girls they mostly make it on their sleeves and the  neck because they think that they are very beautiful   and attractive  and no one can compete them .The girls who  want to  expose their feminine beauty they  made the tattoo of  peacock feather.

Halloween   inspired:

2. Colorful Tattoos Designs

Now a days the youth does not follow the traditions and the rules and regulation  of their nation they like  to do according to their wishes  street style , punk  style and many styles are introduced by the young generation  so the  Halloween parties are arranged by the young  generation   so the  youth who are inspired by the    Halloween people they can  make that shape of   tattoos on their body  some  person  who like the  horror movies they make the skull   and the different  horror   things on the body with the colorful flowers.

Floral tattoos:

3. Colorful Tattoos Designs

The tattoos are made by us according to the  season because these thing  can tell about your   interest   you can make the different color  flowers o your body   blue color is mostly liked by many girls and in the summer this color is carried by the girls   so you can make  the floral pattern on your any  part of body  it look attractive when you carry sleeveless and off the shoulder tops  this is not too much large tattoo you can make  it  at any place.

Animal inspired:


Some people like to   keep the pet and they have much love with the animals they  like to  spend their spare time with the animals   so the people like the animals they make the tattoo  on their legs thighs and the  back    and on the sleeves in the  form of  animals as just like cat ,dog , cow etc which animal   is liked by you  can be  made  by you  the  animal tattoos make the colorful you can use the different flowers  near the animals and you can also show that the animal is sitting in the  garden.

Tiger and lion tattoos:

5. Colorful Tattoos Designs

People make the tattoos according to the  symbol of their culture and personality  so the people who  has the quality of  dominating and the  power of  braveness they can make the  lion and tiger  tattoos on their bodies because these both animals are considered the bravest animal   these   tattoos are in different form somewhere the lion   is standing  and somewhere the tiger has  opened his mouth    in the previous eras the young man who    do the roles of the  villain and the heroes  make these tattoos in the movies.

Tattoo for the feminist:

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Designs-Feminine Butterfly Tattoo

The girls who like  to reveal their feminine beauty and sex appealing  they make the tattoos on the  neck ,back  belly  ,buttock and under  the breast  they want to fulfill their sexual desires  so they   fascinates the men with their colorful  tattoos  mostly  Emo girls make such  tattoos but  when you make it  the  opposite  sex definitely  attract  towards them  and they  feel  comfort in the   company of   them.

7. Colorful Tattoos Designs 8. Colorful Tattoos Designs 9. Colorful Tattoos Designs 10. Colorful Tattoos Designs 11. Colorful Tattoos Designs


You can see more tattoos in the gallery  because the trend of   making tattoos  is increasing day by day  and   when we are making these tattoos the  much  blood is waste  and  the pain is also  so be careful when you are making these tattoos  in the  seeing it looks good but is very painful procedure.