Fashion of Cat Frame Glasses for Girls


The trend of the  all things are changing  according to the time and trend  and these fashion can be in anything whether it is in the dress, shoes, hairstyle, sweaters, nail art, make up and the glasses  some people  use the glasses for control their eye sights and some like to use glasses as a fashion and the glasses will increase the beauty of their faces especially girls  who are  so conscious about their beauty they want to look beautiful And they think  with the glasses they look so cute and innocent .in fact the glasses will show you a well dresses personality and you look well educated and civilized person.

Many  great personalities were used the glasses  so the people who have craze to look like them they use glasses for their innocent look .in the glasses you look so gentle and  attractive .the frame which are used by the girls are in many  style like aviators, peplum, oversized, round and cat all are used by the girls  now a day’s cat frame is very common it look so nice on all faces  it is in the fancy and casual in all styles you can use it for the best look.

Tiger printed frame:

The girls mostly  like to use the touch of tiger print in their all  things  because the printed things look so nice on you  brown color printed sunglasses in   the fully black colors glasses in it is looking so nice the cat frame is looking good n the long face  if you are going outside with this frame  glasses you are looking so beautiful because if you have oval  face then it look so nice on your face.

Retro look:

Retro style is very old style  it was used in many years ago the girls use the cat eye  glasses for increasing their beauty  if you have a heart shape look then cat frame is best for you  fully black frame with the white glasses are looking nice  on your big curvy eyes it look so beautiful the hairstyle is also in the retro style  this look is again in fashion of girls  because every fashion  will back after some changing.

Celebrity Sanam chaudhary in glasses:

The trend of  cat frame glasses is not only  among the girls  rather it is in the  celebrities also because the  trend which they adopt first show on the media and then viewers adopt it in their  casual life .Sanam chahudhary the most talented girl  of the  Pakistan she has long and thin face  but on her face cat glasses are looking gorgeous  fully black sunglasses highlighted with  dark black  is looking so decent  in the formal and semi formal  both look she has adopt the glasses for the cool look.

Boho girls look:

Boho girls like to go with something extra and different from the others  but  the trend of the cat frame  has inspired them so the steel style cat eye frame with the purple glasses is looking so decent you can use this glasses with your golden hair  and cropped eye brows of the boho girls at the place of purple sparkling glasses you can add the green and golden also  the boho bride is in the  wedding dress but she want to do something unique on her wedding then the golden color fully shiny sparkled frame is looking so dashing.

Street style looks:

Street style look is very common now a days because they introduce their fashion themselves the girls is in the  fully black color  cat frame  glasses  on the long face  with the shoking pink nail paint  and the girl is also in the cat eye frame fully embellished  glasses  with stones  and the beads and brown color glasses are giving you a perfect street style look the embellished glasses are good for the functions and with the formal  wear.