Guideline for Capturing Perfect & Best Family, Friends, Kids & Couples Photos


How to Take Ideal Photo? Easy Tips:

Photography is an art. It cannot be done by everyone. You need to learn a lot for capturing best photos either from a professional or from an institution. Today, I am going to share the very easy & useful photography tips with you. Hopefully, after reading article you will be able to capture photos in a right way!

1)    When you capture your photo then try to avoid blur photos. Keep it sharp & clean.
2)    Make sure that there is enough light in the venue where you are capturing a photo. Natural light is preferable over artificial lights.
3)    Cropping is the best to set ideal boundaries for a picture. Do you want a full background? Do you want only heads of people or you want to capture only two people (who stand with each other out of five)? It all can be done by cropping.
4)    If you want to capture best & perfect photos then try to -practice again & again. Learn with errors. After lots of experiments I am sure that you can become a master of this art.
5)    Keep your angles right because too much on left side or too much on right side can spoil your whole photo. 90 degree angle is best.
6)    Play with Camera by looking towards the other side instead of looking straightly into the eye of Camera.
7)    Add some fun into photography by making different facial expression.
8)    Use different photo props.
9)    A couple can look into the eyes of each other for capturing a best & memorable photo.
10)    A posed shoot always look posed while suddenly captured photos always end up with some special memories.
11)    You can take a series of photos because when you look towards these photos then this series act like a short film.
12)    You can use eyes gaze technique by looking left, right, up or down, pointing technique by pointing with your hands towards left, right, up or down, you can lean on a chair, you can make a smiling face by saying cheese or by squeezing, you can capture chin on hand posture, a photo over the shoulder & so on (you have plenty of options).
13)    Change the color effect of photo & choose one effect that suits best.
14)    Be confident while capturing photos as well as while posing for a photo.
15)    Capture Selfie, it is a new trend in photography world.

Take a look towards the following pictures which are captured by best photographers. Look, observe & try at home!

Bridal & Groom Photo on Beach:

1 ideas how to take the perfect picture

Mother& Daughter Photo Capturing Idea:

2 ideas how to take the perfect picture (8)

Photo over the Shoulder Idea:

3 ideas how to take the perfect picture (15)

Twin Sister Photography Idea:

4 ideas how to take the perfect picture (12)

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