Hijab & Burqa are two Diverse Attires for Muslim ladies


Difference of Hijab & Burqa

Hijab & Burqa are two types of Islamic covering attires those are wear by Muslim ladies to follow the obligation of Holy Prophet’ order & also these are symbols of Muslim ladies’ modesty & religious faith. The Hijab is head cover that comes in numerous varieties of designs & styles and general functionally works to cover the head & hairs and sometimes these head covers are draped over the neck & shoulder for absolute observance of Islamic modesty codes. In the Pakistan, mostly teenage and school going girls carry hijab in varied ultra-classic wrapping styles to cover head & some merely wear hijab to add admiring featuring glance & deck hijab with sterling dazzling brooch pins or fancy safety pins.
While in Afghanistan & Arab countries strictly obey the order of wearing burqa that is ankle length loose fitting garment & mostly designed by using black material. Burqa hides entire body figure of Muslim lady that comes with full sleeves & crated in front open, A-line gown, maxi, anghrakha & some others those are slightly decked by same thread embroidery or stones and sometimes with gleaming sequins or beads embellishment. Burqa (body cover) mostly carried by hijab that you can wear in contrasted or matching both styles to cover the head. Here, I shared some specific burqa & hijab pics with titles for you by whom you can visibly know about difference hijab & burqa.

1.    Triangle head cover scarf for girls

1 scarf for girls
2.    Entire Islamic women dress with burqa, hijab & niqab

2 burka (1)

3.    Black burqa with colorful hijab

3 colorful head cover

4.    Gleaming embellished burqa with contrasted head cover

4 muslim girl hijab with burqa

5.    Black burqa with same hijab

5 hijab (2)