How to Capture a Perfect Family Selfie?


Selfie with Family Funny, Decent & Unique Pictorial Ideas:

In the past there were no cameras. People only remember the happy moments into their memories but with the passage of time as the world progress, then human being invented camera which can capture the photo of memorable events into its eye. But now in this extra modern age, everyone has mobile phones that specify front & back cameras.

Consequently, now days a new trend is getting fame that is called Selfie. In the past, we give camera in someone hand & said to him/her “can you please capture our photo?” but now days no need to ask for help from others. Just use your own mobile camera feature & capture a photo with your own hands & it is called selfie.

Selfie has become a part of this 21st century pop culture. It is helpful in order to capture the priceless memories of your life. A selfie may be a solitary selfie, selfie with friends, selfie with favorite star or selfie with family. Today I am going to tell you how you can capture a best, perfect & good family selfie. But keep in that family selfie is also known as felfie where first “f” stands for family.

First of all keep in that natural light is necessary for keeping right selfie. You need to collect appropriate tools such as camera or mobile, iphone or selfie sticks etc. Try to set yourself into the center of your family when capturing a selfie. For more expressive face you can either squeeze or you can say cheese (for smiling impact).

Selfie means you need to make silly face if you want to capture a funny family selfie. Try to take selfie from different angles of your camera & observe in what position you look nice. A rule for selfie is there is no rule. Enjoy the following pictures & choose your own family style selfie.

Selfie with Family on Beach:

1 how to take a good selfie with family (1)

Family Selfie at Home:

2 how to take a good selfie with family (2)

Good Selfie before Going on Travel:

3 how to take a good selfie with family (3)

Selfie with Grandmother when you are Resting near Tree:

Three-generation family taking selfie