How to Use Net Fabric in Various Ways


Different ways of using net fabrics

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Net is very delicate and fragile stuff which is using in several ways .There are many kinds of net fabric just like as bobbinet, fishnet, filet, maline or tulle.Net is an ancient stuff it was used in the dresses of empror,emproress. It is not use only in dresses rather it is use in many items as just like shoes, bags, baby cot in decoration items and many more items which are made of net. In the previous years net was only used in prom dresses and wedding dresses but now it is using in every place.Net is often used in baby’s frocks because they are inspired the fairy tales and want to adopt such dresses to show their selves as a Barbie doll, snow white and as a princess.Net is very light weighted and easy to wash.Net can give you a good body shape and you can looking gorgeous in net designing, but if you use net for the protection of you then you should buy it according to its quality. Let see in which ways we can use net in our daily routine.

Now a days the trend of net is increasing it is using in shoes to emblaze it in elegant ways. Black color is very favorite and common color in boys and girls, both like this color. Peep to high heel sandal with the net stuff is fabulous and in the style of back zip .You can wear it in any party with blue jeans, tights and net gown it gives you the feeling of comfort and suit with any occasion. It is very simple and casual you can pick these sandals in casually and formally both forms.

1. net stuff sandals

2.The using of net fabric is increasing day by day it is used in jackets and coats also .It is very simple and casual you can wear it with any color pent shirt just like white skinny with baby pink shirt and the black net jacket is going well. Only black color is not in fashion you can pick any color in this jacket. It is perfect for street style look and the students can also use this jacket on their simple outfits. If your dress is simple then an embellish jacket can give you a formal look to your dress.

2. Net fabric jackets

3.You can use net in your bedroom to protect yourselves from mosquitoes and flies .It can save you and the crossing of air is also continuing.Net is also used in curtain it is in different ways organza fabric is very popular in curtain stitching its gives your room a trendy look and beautify your bedroom .Today the wallpaper on the wall is very famous you can use net in that form and in the center of other fabrics curtain. But keep in your mind the color of net should be according to the wall theme because if the color of wall is pink and you use dark brown net then it look something odd and gibbous. But if you use sky blue color with baby pink then it is a good contrast that gives your room a wonderful look.


3.use of net in rooms

4.Where we talk about net stuff and dresses are not included then it is injustice with net because net is much important for some dresses such like lehenga choli, sarri, frocks and maxi.

In western countries bridal gowns are mostly made of net fabric because it is light weighted and attractive .If you want to wear a saree on the event of wedding ceremony you can put on net fabric saree with any contrast.Saree can enhance your beauty charm and when it is made with net then it gives you very elegant and gorgeous look. Pink and blue contrast is good but you can make bold red and royal blue combination in your saree to give chic look. The bridal gown is pure net fabric even her veil is also made of net.Lehnga and choli is very common in net fabric embellished with stones, patches and fancy laces but if your dress is simple you can use net stuff lace and sleeve on your dress to give an excellent look. With saree you can use net flowers on your hairstyle to go for a wedding and any party. With your dress you can use any duppata of net because it is available in every shade.


4. use of net in frocks

For baby girls net stuff is best in their dressing because it gives them an innocent look and in the frock girls looks so pretty and cute. For the function of wedding ceremony, any get together party, school functions, birthday parties etc, then these dresses are best for your daughter sisters and whatever you want to dresses up to her. Pink color is very common for toddlers then you can choose pink embellished frock for a party part and school part etc .White pumps is going best with this frock and white hair band or ribbon can also good .But grey color tulle can also best for princess look, grey and black contrast is very unique but it is very elegant and nice you can use black heel sandal with this tulle.

5. Tulle for babies

In the western cultures the net stuff is very common they use it in their weddings many things are made of net fabrics just like table cover, chair cover, bridal dress and the western decorate the entire table with net fabrics knots and ties .You can make tie and bows with net for embellishing your frock and dresses. If you have short place in your washroom then it is good for you that you keep all things in symmetrical orders then you can make a bag of net and can keep all things in that bag and hang near your wash basin. The things which are used by you regularly then you can keep it in a net fabric box or a bag which is hang in front of your eyes then you have no need to search out at the time of you want that things. Undergarments are also made with net stuff the women who like net fabric they use net undergarment to secret their body. It is also used in pram, baby chairs, cot and decorations of wedding halls.

6. use of net

In the last I would like to say you that net fabric is very soft and spongy stuff it can help you in many ways and you can use it in various things .These are my ideas you can pick in your net working and make your things better.