How to Wear a Cotton Saree Properly


Saree is the national dress in India and liked by every woman to wear casually or for occasions. The sophisticated dress is draped in different styles. To wear a saree is not difficult but to select suitable fabric for available size is very difficult. If you are fat then go with light fabric like chiffon, silk, crepe and georgette but if you are slim then cotton saree is the best choice.  Sarees always add attraction towards women but improper tucked up can damage your look. If you want to wear cotton saree select the right color that suits you most according to the complexion. Well dressed woman always look nice so I want to tell you how to wear cotton saree in attractive and proper way. Check out the points that may help you to drape saree.

•    Ironed your saree well
•    Select right blouse that may not be too tight for chest
•    Tuck the saree in petticoat
•    Start to tuck it in the plain side by making plates
•    Saree plates will be in right side on the belly button
•    Circle the saree again right side of the belly button clockwise
•    Once again circle the pallu around the body
•    Set the pallu on chest area
•    Drape it on left shoulder
•    With the remaining saree make some plate and tuck it on left side of belly button
•    You can also drape saree in falling pallu without tucking it into plates
You are ready now and definitely look decent and sophisticated.

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